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$200 Electric Guitars For Sale

By November 29, 2011All
al 2000 sale

Al2000 Rootbeer Tiger$200 electric guitars for sale?

Yes you can find $200 electric guitars for sale but the question is can you find a decent electric guitar for $200?

We can say with great certainty, that the best $200 guitar we ever bought was an Agile Al2000.  You just cannot beat that guitar for the price.  The other day we were at the local Costco and picked up a guitar they had for sale for $199.  We think it was a squire strat or something.  It was an okay guitar but for the price the Agile was in our opinion miles better.

The feel of the Agile is solid and we just felt the finishing and setup just make it way easier to play.  You know how you just pick up some guitars and they are easy to play?  Your hand just glides over the frets while on other guitars no matter how much you adjust it or tune it it just doesn’t feel right?  The squire felt awkward while the Agile felt like, well, like butter.

It is a solid guitar.  Beefy is the word we like to use but not too beefy.  It’s funny because when we walked through Costco we by chance saw the guitar they had for sale and just thought why not give it a try.  It just made us appreciate our Agile Al2000 that much more and again think to ourselves, “I can’t believe it’s only like $200”.

If all you have is $200 and you are looking for electric guitars for sale than head over to Rondomusic and check out the Agile Al2000.  It comes in lots of different finishes.  We have truly enjoyed ours!


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