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5 Reasons Why Your Guitar Is An Extension Of You

By October 30, 2015Agile Guitars

Your Agile Guitar is so much more than just a musical instrument.  By itself it is just an object but when you play it, it turns into a living, breathing thing that almost takes on a life of its own.  You feel a connection with your guitar and it becomes a part of who you are.  Here are 5 reasons why your guitar is an extension of you!


Your Guitar Reflects Who You Are


Your guitar says so much about you.  Some people want a new shiny guitar that looks immaculate while others want a guitar that is well worn and may even be beat up.  Maybe you are always dressed to the nines or are a little rough around the edges yourself.  You want a guitar that is a reflection of you.

Septorelt 728

Septorelt 728

Oceanburst 3200

Oceanburst 3200

Your Guitar is Who You Are


You play guitar.  You identify with the struggle to become a master of the guitar though you know you will never know everything there is to know about it.  You are obsessed with guitar.  The guitar is symbolic of who you are.  It may even be a metaphor for other struggles in your life.  There may be one guitar in particular or it may just be guitars in general, but music and the guitar is such a part of you that it is who you are.


It Cheers You Up On a Bad Day


When life is falling apart all around you or you are just feeling down or maybe you just had a bad day, you come home to see that beautiful guitar staring at you.  It is more than a guitar but rather an old friend; a confidante that never lets you down.  You can always confide in it.  It does not judge you and when you play it the sweet soothing sounds emanating from it immediately cheers you up.


How You Connect With The Guitar is Unique


It is amazing that everyone connects with the Agile Guitar differently.  Everyone approaches playing the guitar in a different way and ultimately the music you and your guitar produce is a one off.  Nobody else can make that guitar play the way you do and you in turn can’t make it play like someone else does.  How you and the guitar meld together to become one is a beautiful and unique thing.

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Your Guitar Grounds You


Sometimes your life is a rollercoaster.  You can’t keep a job or stay in a relationship.  Loved ones come and go but that guitar is always there.  Always ready to perform at a moments notice.


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