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5 Ways To Not Become a Great Guitarist and How To Overcome Them

 Great Agile Guitarist

Great Agile Guitarist

#1 Not Playing Enough

This is a sure way to limit your progress in becoming a really good at playing guitar.  If you don’t have time to practice on a regular basis than you just won’t progress.  Learning guitar is ultimately about making connections about how notes work, what scales go with which chords and muscle memory.  The more you play the more connections will made in your brain of what sounds good, progressions and you will build up the muscle memory and dexterity you need to become proficient at playing the guitar.  How can you overcome this?  One suggestion is to schedule in time during your day to play or at the very least 3 to 4 times a week.  Everyday is preferable for sure as you will really see strides in your playing ability when you play on a regular basis.

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#2 Playing Without a Purpose

Now it is nice to sometimes just play for the enjoyment of it but when you are trying to become a more accomplished player than you need to play with a purpose.  If you are just “noodling” around on the Guitar every time you play you really won’t be learning anything.  Some suggestions for playing with a purpose are to learn a new song, learn or practice new scales or practice different licks.  It is often a good idea to have a regular routine of exercises you go through when you play the guitar in order to achieve mastery of skills you are learning.

#3 You Never Learn Scales

If you never learn scales you will never become good at soloing.  Learning scales can be tedious but doing so builds up finger strength and builds up how fast you can play.  There are many scales to learn on the agile guitar.  Knowing them and the positions on the guitar will allow you to solo in any key to really any song and it will sound good.  The more you practice scales and different note progressions the better you will become at playing and creating your own killer licks!

#4 Never Create Your Own Music

As you become more proficient in your guitar theory one of the ways you can continue to progress in your playing is by writing your own songs.  Writing your own music allows you to put together different tricks and licks that you have used in new ways to create your own original music pieces.  Being creative will inspire you to continue to learn new things about the agile guitars which will in turn help you to create better music.

#5 Only Play One Style of Music

If you only play one style of music it will greatly limit how well rounded of a guitar player you become.  There is nothing wrong with being really good at playing one particular genre of music.  However, learning other genres will open up many different styles of playing to you from that genre and there in turn implement different playing styles of different genres into each other.  This will help you to really become a master of the agile guitars and a great guitar player.