7 String DIY Guitar Kits

After 7 String DIY Guitar Kits, You’ll Never See Guitars The Same Way

7 string diy guitar kit

Could a 7 string DIY guitar kit be for you?

7 String guitars are getting more and more expensive.  Even the prices of so called value 7 string guitars that offer “bang for your buck” are starting to climb in price.

We got to thinking about what other options are out there for the guys that are wanting their first or “first of many” 7 string guitars but might have a little bit of sticker shock.

Our thinking session brought us to the conclusion that 7 string DIY guitar kits could be a thing!

You can build your own 7 string guitar!

The long and the short of it is that you get a quality made raw guitar kit with everything you need to assemble the guitar.  You get to finish the guitar any way you like!

This is very cool because you can finish the guitar exactly how you want it.  You end up with a guitar that will be a custom “one off” in terms of how it looks that no one else will have.

Like we said the kit comes with everything you need to assemble your 7 string guitar.  You may need to do some sanding, glueing and soldering.  You can also swap out parts if you like.  Say you have a specific set of pickups that you would like to install instead of the ones that come in the kit there is nothing stopping you from doing that.

You get a quality made raw guitar kit with everything you need to assemble the guitar.

The icing on the cake is that because you are putting in the labour to assemble the guitar, and assembling them is actually not that hard, these 7 string guitar kits can often be hundreds of dollars less than buying a finished guitar.  You can do it!

We here at electricguitarcity.com will be offering 7 string DIY guitar kits soon.

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