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7 String Guitar Kits

By May 11, 20187 string guitar kits
7 string guitar kits

7 String Guitar Kits – Coming Soon!

7 string guitar kits

Electric Guitar City is pleased to announce that we will be offering our own 7 string guitar kits.

3 different 7 string DIY guitar kit models will be offered initially with more models to be added in the future.

Each kit comes with all guitar pieces needed for assembly. The neck and body in a kit have been specifically test fitted to each other.

Our 7 string guitar kits area a great “empty canvas” for the do it yourselfer that wants to save some money and have a uniquely customized 7 string guitar.

Do not let the “DIY” idea scare you away. You do not need to be a luthier or woodworking expert to finish and assemble one of our 7 string guitar kits.

If you are slightly mechanically inclined and can follow instructions then you can build your own guitar.

All the guitar hardware is included with the kit

Customize the headstock for a personalized look.

Apply whatever finish or design to the body of the guitar to give it your personal signature look.

Kits will be available June 2018.

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