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8 String Guitar

By October 5, 2011All
8 string guitar
Agile pendulum elite 82730

Agile pendulum elite 82730

Because 8 is great!

If you are in the market for an eight string guitar than check out the Agile Pendulum Elite 82730 Black Flame.  This is a guitar to behold and really good value for the money!

First thing you notice when looking at this guitar is that it comes with some really impressive features.

– Angled nut and pickup for improved intonation and sound!
– 5 piece neck thru design!
– Angled EMG 909 active pickup.
– Custom desiged for Agile by Gary Kahler 7228 KX 8 string multi scale bridge.
– Ash Body

The fretboard is rosewood with fret markers on the side of the neck for a clean look.  There are 24 extra jumbo frets and the neck has a 13.7″ radius for easy maneuverability up and down the fretboard.

Tuners are what we expect from an Agile in that they use Grover Tuners in all their guitars and this 8 string guitar is no different.  The pickups are EMG 909 Active pickups.  These are very serviceable pickups but can always be swapped out with something else if you don’t like them.

For the metal gods this is definitly a guitar they will want to add to their collection.  There are other more expensive 8 string guitars out there that are more recognizable brands and may have a couple more features but we think when you factor in what you get for the price this 8 string guitar really shines.

Agile guitars are generally raved about on the internet and have attracted a real following due to there excellent quality at very reasonable prices so we don’t see why the Agile Pendulum Elite 82730 Black Flame would be any different.

Buy an Agile Pendulum Elite 82730 Black Flame HERE!