Les Paul Copy

Les Paul Copy vs Real Gibson?

Can’t afford a real Gibson Les Paul Standard?  How about a great Les Paul copy! We give you the Agile Al 3200.  It is a great guitar for considerably less money. Hey everyone out there. Here is another video for you today. We are going go to do a little comparison. We are going to […]

Best of the week

Best of The Week

Check Out The Best of The Week! Want the double neck guitar in the picture?  Check it HERE! Here are some of the more interesting tweets we found from Twitter this week.   Great Electric Guitars Under $100 http://t.co/9S2KPFxE6B pic.twitter.com/zwSvhLltke — ElectricGuitarCity (@ElectricGuitarC) January 27, 2015     Guitars, guitars and more guitars! See our […]

Best of the week

Friday Roundup

Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Time to give you some of the best of the week that we came across. Agile AL-3010SE CSBF P90 http://t.co/C3fT7Y2uUL pic.twitter.com/egFPCHWGTw — ElectricGuitarCity (@ElectricGuitarC) January 19, 2015 What’s the big deal about high-output pickups? Here’s what you need to know: http://t.co/vunHkQ88Sr pic.twitter.com/AFbW09sX4Z — Guitar Player (@GuitarPlayerNow) January 20, 2015 Watch @Pantera’s […]