Are looking for electric guitars for beginners?

2 Quality electric guitars for beginners that won’t break the bank. If you are buying a guitar for a beginner than we wouldn’t recommend spending too much on their first guitar.   What is too much money: What is too much money really depends on what you think is too much.  For us we would […]

Good Cheap Guitars

3 Good Cheap Guitars that are easy on your wallet. “Got no money and you got no car, then it’s time to buy a good cheap guitar!” Alright some of you might recognize that line from Young MC’s “Bust a move” and you’ll also recognize that we changed the last part of that line also, […]

Guitars For Cheap

3 Sites Where You Can Buy Guitars For Cheap Online Let us get right to the goods.  You need a guitar and you need it cheap.  The question is where can you get such a guitar online and have it be affordable and still good quality.  Here are 3 sites you should check out to […]

5 Essentials For Learning Guitar – Part 2

5 Essentials For Learning Guitar – Part 2 (With Bonus!) If you missed it check out Part 1 Learning Guitar is a great way to alleviate stress, expand your creative mind and quench your thirst for rock!  Here is part 2 of our suggestions of some essentials to help anybody that wants to learn guitar […]

5 Essentials For Learning Guitar – Part 1

Essentials For Learning Guitar Learning guitar is a great way to alleviate stress, expand your creative mind and quench your thirst for rock!  Here are some essentials for learning guitar to help anybody that wants to learn guitar make some serious progress.   Practice I learned to play guitar when I was 12.  I took […]

Agile Hawker 727

The Agile Hawker 727 is often overlooked but shouldn’t be! Let’s get straight to the brass tax.  This guitar has a lot of the features that anyone who is familiar with Agile guitars has become accustomed to. The guitar has a solid mahogany archtop body with a maple top.  The body has cutaways both top […]

Agile Pendulum Pro 82527

The Agile Pendulum Pro 82527 is an 8 string multi-scale monster of a guitar.  The first thing about Agile Guitars that really catches the eye is the oceanburst flame finish that really makes this guitar pop.  Now the oceanburst flame may not be every death metal guitarists cup of tea but there is something about […]

Black Friday Guitar Deals

If you are a fan of Rondo Music, are in the market for black friday guitar deals and haven’t done so already than go check out the GUITARS ON SALE now! Black Friday Guitar Deals It is no coincidence that, since it is Thanksgiving, right now Rondo has probably has it’s biggest selection of Guitars for Sale […]

A 7 String Les Paul Style Guitar

If you are looking for a 7 string Les Paul style guitar than may we suggest the Agile AL-3010SE 727.  This 7 string guitar offers all the awesome features of the popular Agile AL model in a 7 string configuration along with a few other goodies! So far Rondomusic is offering these guitars in two […]

Top 5 Best Guitar Intros of All Time

Top 5 best guitar intros of all time. First off this is an impossible task.  There simply is no way that anybody can narrow it down to just a top 5. It just can’t be done. Ah, but the impossibility of the task is exactly what makes it so much fun.  If you had to […]