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agile septor elite 930

Agile Septor Elite 930

agile septor elite 930

The Agile 9 String Beast!

Remember when all seventeen intelligence agencies agreed that Russia interfered with our elections?

Turns out it was only four.  Wait…what?

Anyhow, one thing that the intelligence agencies all completely agree on is that Russia has not interfered with the Agile Septor Elite 930!

Probably what happened is that one of the agencies did a report on the Agile Septor Elite 930 and told all the other agencies what a great job they did and all the other agencies agreed that because the one agency said the Agile Septor Elite 930 is great…well it must be great!

agile septor elite 930Those of us that can think for ourselves don’t need any intelligence agencies to tell us the Agile Septor Elite 930 is great.  We already know that!

Septor Elite 930

First can we say that this guitar is beautiful, mean, elegant and sinister all at the same time!

The body is a light weight double cutaway made from solid mahogany with an arch top and gloss finish.

As the 930 suggests, this is a 30″ scale guitar and a 5 piece neck thru design has been used in the construction of the Septor Elite 930.

The fretboard is ebony with fret markers located on the side of the neck to give the Septor a very clean look.

For hardware the guitar has a Cepheus extended bridge with sealed Grover tuners and EMG 909 active pickups.

The Septor Elite 930 is also offered in a oceanburst flame and black flame finish as can be seen here.  We are really feeling the natural mahogany and black flame finish ourselves.

So if you don’t want the Russians interfering in your elections than you may want to check out Septor Elite 930 HERE.

If not for you than DO IT for your country!

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