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Agile AL 7 String


Agile AL 3100 730

Agile AL 3100 730

The popularity of 7 string guitars cannot be denied. Anyone that is familiar with Agile guitars knows that they are well known for their 7 string guitars and their AL-series guitars.

Now you can get the best of both of those worlds with the Agile AL-3100 730. That’s right…a 7 string Agile AL guitar!

First off the Agile AL guitars are solid guitars to begin with and some of the best deals out their you can get for a really quality guitar.

So right off the bat you get all the quality construction that the Agile AL is known for.

The Agile AL-3100 730 is a multi-radius guitar. What that means is that the radius of the neck is 12” at the nut and 16” at the 22nd fret for improved comfort. As the “730” suggests this is an extended 30” scale length guitar.

This guitar is offered with a Graph Tech NVS2 bridge with string saver saddles and Grover tuners.

The pickups are both type V Alnico humbuckers with coil tapping on both pickups for a wider range of sounds.

There is a ¾” solid maple cap which helps to increase the brightness of this guitar. The cap sits on top of the 1 ½” solid mahogany body.

There is triple binding on the body and single binding around the neck and headstock to give the guitar a nice classic look.

Agile AL 3100 730The neck is also a one piece mahogany set neck with an ebony fretboard. The inlays in the fretboard are trapezoidal and made of mother of pearl.

Of course with all the Agile guitars the neck comes with an adjustable truss rod so you the guitar set up can be fine-tuned.

All of the wiring and electronics of the Agile AL-3100 730 are high voltage with brass shaft pots for reduced noise.

Another nice feature of this guitar is that the frets have been individually hand filed for that really nice professional feel and buttery playability.

This is a very well made/constructed guitar with a lot of great features that really make it stand out.
We especially love the lemon burst finish that the AL-3100 730 is offered in. The lemon burst finish really pops and is actually quite striking.

As will all the Agile guitars what really makes it stand out when you consider all the features this guitar has is that is still falls into the category of cheap electric guitars for sale.

Direct sales wins again as this guitar is offered at what we think is a really reasonable price.

Don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself HERE!