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Agile Al2000 Review – Update

By November 8, 2011All
Agile Al 2000 Review

Agile al2000 Review Update – We love it more than we did before!Al2000 silverburst

We thought that it would be good to talk a little more about our Agile Al2000.  The one thing we know is that there are a lot of reviews out there on the Agile Al2000.  Most of them go over the initial reaction of the reviewer to the Agile Al2000.  The Agile Al2000 has garnered a lot of great reviews.

If you know anything about reviews you might view them with a skeptical eye as we do.  It is no secret that a lot of reviews out there may have a hidden agenda.  Are the reviews just made by the company that makes said product in order to get you to buy more of said product?  We always have that in the back of our minds when reading reviews.  However, it is our experience that if a product is bad it is really hard for a company to cover that up.  It seems that the people most scorned complain the loudest and rightly so!  If a product is crap people are going to say it is crap.  Sometimes however, as with any product, there are always a lemon or two in any production run.  Sometimes those people complain, and they should, but you never hear from the people that are really happy and satisfied with the product.  Well we thought it would be good to let you know how our Agile Al2000 is holding up.  Many times you hear the initial great review but never how well the product held up down the line.

Here we go!  We have had our Agile Al2000 guitar for 4 years now.  In case you didn’t know it is a very nice goldtop with cream binding around the body and neck.  The guitar has been used and abused.  And we mean abused!  It has been accidentally dropped on concrete and fallen over many times.  The neck and fingerboard were gnawed on by a teething toddler.  Said toddler also has attempted to use drum sticks to play the guitar by repeatedly smashing it!  We feel sorry for the guitar just thinking about it.

Did we mention that this guitar gets played once in awhile too!  Despite all the abuse the guitar still performs admirably.  Most importantly, those Grover tuners still keep the guitar in tune!  The only thing on the guitar that has not held up is the input jack.  It is very loose and tends to cutout at times.  All in all, we feel this is pretty minor and is an easy do it yourself repair job or you can take it in and have it repaired/replaced at your local music store.  Other than that we still love this guitar.  What is really great is it takes a beating and still keeps going.  And because it was only $200 we don’t feel so bad if it gets dropped or the toddler uses it to cut his teeth on.   It won’t break our bank to go buy another one.  Would we recommend this guitar?  Without hesitation.

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