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Agile Custom Guitars

By December 10, 2015Agile Guitars

If you have been looking at buying an Agile guitar but want something a little different than everyone else than you may want to check out Agile custom guitars.


Perhaps you have been looking at purchasing one of the many guitars that Rondomusic makes but just can’t seem to pull the trigger because you can’t seem to find the right combination of features that you want on your next guitar.

Agile Custom Guitars

Agile Custom Guitars

Or there could be the fact that you just want something different in your Guitar than what everyone else gets.  Being able to say, “This is a custom guitar,” when one of your friends asks, has a special ring to it don’t you think?


Enter Agile Custom Guitars

If you haven’t already, go and check out the Agile custom guitars at Rondomusic.  Whether you want a 6 string, 7 string or 8 string custom Agile Guitar they have got you covered.  Let us be the first to say that some of the custom guitars that come out of the custom shop are absolutely stunning.


How it works is Rondomusic opens the custom shop orders for a period of time and those guitars ordered will be completed and shipped out months later.  For instance if you were to order a guitar right now, which at the writing of this article is December, you guitar would be completed and shipped in April.


So if you order an agile custom guitar you are going to have to wait awhile for it but that is usually the case with anything that is custom.


Rondomusic gives you a variety of features you can choose from and then various options within the feature categories.  Some of the features you can choose are headstock finish and binding, neck material and shape, fretboard material and radius, body material and shape, pickups, hardware, finish and the list goes on and on.   For instance on the AL model there are in total 33 different categories of the Agile Guitar that you can customize and choose specifically which feature you want from the ones that are offered in each category.


We have even seen some finishes that are not offered on the website so you might be able to email Kurt at Rondomusic if you are looking for something truly unique in the finish and see if Kurt can make that happen for you.  One of our favorites is the Lake Placid blue.  It’s almost like a light electric blue that really stands out and catches the eye.

Don’t hesitate.  Go check it out for yourself and see if Rondo is providing what you are looking for is a custom guitar.  It’s worth the wait!