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Agile Custom Guitars

By September 26, 2017Agile Guitars
agile custom guitar

Agile Custom Guitars – Are They Really Custom?

agile custom guitar

The NFL players are protesting the anthem! The Country is broken! Or is it?

Protesting the anthem will accomplish something! Or it won’t?  People are up in arms!  What is a person to do?

How can people be brought together to make America great again?

Agile Custom Guitars

Follow the logic here.  People like music.  Music is therapeutic.

Agile guitars can be used to make therapeutic music.  Therefore it stands to reason that the more people that had an Agile custom guitar the more therapeutic music would be created and thus America is made great again!

agile custom guitars

Rondo Music has a pretty cool system.  You can pretty much choose almost any Agile guitar to have customized for you.  So first you choose the Agile model you want and then you get to choose the options you want and there are a lot of options to choose.

agile options

In all honesty what you are getting is a semi-custom guitar however the amount of choices you have to have the guitar built to your specifications is quite impressive.

In total there are 27 different categories you can choose different options from to make your guitar unique to you.

How it works is once you have chosen your options you are given a price that you pay upfront based on the options that you have chosen.

Once you have payed the deposit the guitar is put into production and you are required to pay an additional $450 once the guitar is complete and at that time the guitar is shipped to you.

Agile Custom Shop

It’s really that simple!

So do your part for your country by getting an Agile Custom guitar and start to create that therapeutic music that the country so desperately needs.

We will all be better off for it!