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Agile Ghost 7 For Sale

By May 12, 2016Agile Guitars

Agile Ghost 7 – Review

Agile Guitar for Sale

Agile Guitar for Sale

Agile Guitar for Sale

Agile Guitar for Sale

Agile Ghost 7 For Sale

Ladies and gentleman today we look at a great guitar in two awesome finishes offered by Rondomusic.

The Agile Ghost Pro 727 at first glance is a guitar that is easy on the eyes.

For all you James Hetfield fans that want a 7 string guitar the Ghost Pro 727 is a viable option.

It’s an option that would be a good investment in your rock’n’roll future!

Obviously, the Agile Ghost is based off of a Gibson Explorer but much less money.

So is the old adage true that you get what you pay for?  Is the Agile Ghost Pro 727 even worth looking at?


Here’s what you get with the Agile Ghost Pro 727.

You get a light-weight, mahogany flat top body with a one piece set neck design.

The fetboard is made of ebony and the fret markers are located on the side of the neck for a nice clean look.

As with all the Agile guitars Grover die cast tuners are standard issue.  The bridge hardware is licensed by Floyd Rose.

To finish it off the guitar comes with EMG 707 humbucker pickups.

Right now the guitar is available in a wine red flame finish and a tribal green finish.

We have to say both look good but we gravitate towards the wine red flame finish.

We would love to see this guitar in black or oceanburstflame.

For those Agile 7 string axe slayers out there we think this guitar is a neat departure from the shapes of the other 7 string guitars that Agile offers.

We are definitely fans of having a 7 string guitar offered in an exploreresque guitar shape.

Obviously there are a few subtle differences between the shape of the Ghost and an Explorer.  Most notable is the notches at the bottom of the body and top.

You can pick this guitar up for $599.99.

See it in wine red flame or tribal green.