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Agile Guitar Multiscale – Check out the Agile Pendulum

Here’s the deal:

Agile Guitar Multiscale

Agile Guitar Multiscale

Rondomusic makes Agile and Agile’s are great guitars.

Agile Guitar Multiscale

They are not just great guitars because they cost less than other guitars.  If you are wondering how Rondomusic can sell their Cheap Agile Guitar well it’s because they use direct sales to take out the middle-man.

Agile guitars are great guitars because they are well made quality instruments!

If you are looking for a multi-scale guitar than look no further than the Agile Pendulum.  You definitely owe it to yourself to take a look at the Pendulum lineup before you make the decision to purchase a guitar if you are ready.

Why should you check them out?

It’s really simple.  The Agile Pendulum will offer you more guitar at a more affordable price than most of its competitors.  We say “most” because off the top of our head we can’t think of any competitors that offer more guitar for the money than the Pendulum.

If you are looking for a 7 string guitar, 8 string guitar or 9 string multiscale guitar than the Agile Pendulum has got you covered.

Check out these insane guitars:

First off, in the 7 string models you have the Agile Pendulum Pro 72527 and the Agile Pendulum Elite 72527.  These are two badass guitars that deliver the goods.  These are neck-thru body constructed guitars that come with either EMG or Cepheus passive pickups.

The guitars also come with ebony or rosewoodfretboard, mahogany body, grover tuners and can be had in a variety of finishes.

We should mention that the Pendulum Elite 72527 comes with custom multi-scale Kahler 2227 KX FF tremolo designed in cooperation with Gary Kahler Custom multi-scale Kahler 2227 KX FF tremolo designed in cooperation with Gary Kahler.

Wait it gets better:

Next up is the Agile Pendulum Pro 82527 and Agile Pendulum Elite 82527.  If you are looking for a multiscale8 string guitar than check these out.  Most of the same features as the 7 string Pendulum’s except they have 8 strings.

Then there is the Agile Pendulum Pro 92528.  This is 9 strings of mean multiscale guitar.  It is a beast!  Neck thru body construction and a solid mahogany guitar, ebony fretboard, Grover tuners and Cepheus pickups are some of the highlights of this guitar.

For all of you into deathmetal, metal, shredding or what have you these are some guitars that you should check out and do some research on because they have really grown in popularity due in large part for the quality they offer at a very affordable price.

Don’t take our word for it.  Go check them out!