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Cheap Agile Guitars are Great Value

By January 14, 2015Agile Guitars
Agile Guitars

cheap agile guitarsDid I mention I love Les Paul’s? I have always liked Slash as a guitar player and really dug his Les Paul. When I started looking at real Les Paul’s the thing that really stood out was how expensive they were. I would categorize myself as a recreational guitar player. Realisticly, I do not need a guitar that costs thousands of dollars.

I remember watching an interview with Slash were he was talking about how his first Les Paul guitar was actually a Les Paul Copy. I got to thinking that maybe a good option for me.

I stumbled upon Cheap Agile guitars at Rondomusic.com

and after researching and reading reviews about how awesome these cheap Agile guitars were for the price I decided to get one.

I chose a Agile Al-2000 goldtop, similar to the one in the picture here. From all the great reviews I read I was pretty convinced that the guitar would be good. I thought worst case scenario is I might want to change the nut and the pickups. Well I have had this Agile guitar for two years now and have done nothing to it! These are just cheap electric guitars that are really well made! For the price I think it would be really hard to find other Les Paul Copies out there that even comes close to Agile guitars.

This is a ton of guitar for the money.

Usually you get what you paid for. There is usually a reason something is cheap. That reason is usually because the product is cheaply made.

We don’t know how Rondomusic.com does it with these Agile guitars but they make quality guitars.cheap agile guitars

The Agile Al-2000, which is the base model Les Paul copy made by Agile guitars, comes with a solid mahogany arch top body which is way better then some of the pressed together wood garbage. It has a a set-in maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and wax potted ceramic humbucker pickups which surprisingly don’t sound bad at all!

What’s even better is this Agile guitar comes with Gover die cast tuners so the thing actually stays in tune.

This guitar is ready to play out of the box but if you want you could use it as a mule and mod the heck out of it. If modding isn’t your thing than simply take a look at some of the higher end models Agile makes. When you consider that you are going to spend anywhere from $1000 to $20,000 on a real Gibson Les Paul you could buy four Agile Al-2000’s for that $1000.

Agile guitars also come in other models, the Al-2500, Al-3010 , Al-3100 and Al-3200 which have more features and are also more money but still way cheaper when compared to the real thing.

Find cheap Agile guitars at Rondomusic – CLICK HERE



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