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Agile Guitars Club – For The Thrifty Musician

By October 24, 2015Agile AL Guitars, Agile Guitars, All
Agile Guitars Club

Agile Guitars Club

Agile Guitars Club

Are you a member of the club yet?  What is holding you back?  Is it the solid mahogany body, the Grover tuners, ¾” maple cap?  Or maybe it is the Alnico V pickups?  Or maybe it is that you can get one for $200-$500?  If it is that cheap it just can’t be good right!  Perhaps it is because it has got the name “Agile” on it.  Is “Agile” a name that can be trusted? What’s the angle here, what’s the rub?  You really want to join the Agile Guitar Club and everything is telling you to do it but you just can’t.


The good news is that more and more people are overcoming their fears and taking the plunge to become members of the Agile Guitars Club.  Once they ‘let go’ and give into their desires to buy an Agile guitar they wonder what took them so long!  After all it is cool to be thrifty and there is nothing wrong with it.  Besides you will have a stellar Agile guitar that your friends will drool over.  They will pick it up and play it and think to themselves, “this guy must have spent thousands on this guitar!”.


Yes, that is what they might think and whether you tell them how much your Agile guitar cost is up to you but on thing we know is whether they know how much it cost or not after they play it they will want one!


You have to hand it to the Koreans…they make some fabulous guitars!  Agile Guitars offers some great six string guitars but that is not all they are known for.  In addition to great Les Paul style six string guitars Agile guitars also makes some really quality seven string, eight string and nine string guitars.  In fact, there is a whole culture that has developed online around Agile seven, eight and nine string guitars.  The feedback about these guitars is really positive.  The thing that people really rave about is the quality of the guitars that Agile makes and the very affordable prices at which these quality guitars are offered.  Really an argument can be made that Agile Guitars are becoming the new leaders in the guitar world based on how much their guitars offer at a very low price point.  This is mostly due to the direct sales model that Agile guitars use to distribute their guitars directly to the consumer.


So if you have been thinking about buying an Agile Guitars and joining the Agile Guitars Club…you know, the one for the thrifty musician…then do it.  Do it and with the money you save go buy yourself that kick ass amp you have had your eye on!