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Agile Guitars Interceptor pro 727 Review

Agile Interceptor Pro 727

Agile Interceptor Pro 727


Agile Interceptor Pro 727 Review. Are you looking for a new shred stick to add to your arsenal of 7 string guitars?

May we suggest to you the Agile Interceptor Pro 727.

This is one of the 7 string guitar models offered from Rondo Music.

Rondo Music is an online guitar store that sells guitars directly to the consumer at, for a lack of a better term, wholesale prices.

The Interceptor Pro 727 rocks!

This guitar is a great quality guitar that won’t break your bank account.

Interceptor Pro 727



The Agile brand is getting to be well known in the guitar world.

It has gained a reputation as a great guitar for the musician that is on a budget.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with being on a budget. The fact is we don’t all have a few extra thousand dollars laying around to spend on a guitar.

The Agile brand has also gained a reputation of being very high quality for the money and the Interceptor Pro 727 is no exception to that.



According to Rondo Music the Interceptor Pro 727 has been designed based on specification requested by their customers.

We have no way of knowing if this is true but it makes for great marketing!

The body of this 7 string guitar is made of mahogany with an arch top, double cutaway body.

The neck is maple and is a 27 inch scale. One of the main features of this guitar that really shows it’s quality is that it is a 5 piece neck-through body design.

Why is this great?

Well, it makes for a much sturdier guitar and makes for easier access to the upper frets, helps to keep the guitar in tune longer and provides greater sustain.

The neck-through body design is a nice feature to help with the additional tension that goes along with having 7 strings on the guitar.

If you do need to adjust the neck there is an adjustable truss rod that will allow you to adjust the neck to compensate for changes in humidy and temperature or new strings which may effect the action of the guitar.

The fretboard is made of ebony and does not have any markers on the fretboard.

There are markers on the neck of the guitar to help you locate your position on the fretboard.

The pickups in this particular Interceptor Pro 727 we are reviewing are EMG 707 pickups. These are well made pickups so you don’t have to worry about their quality because they are made in the USA.

The guitar also comes with a double locking Floyd Rose FRT-2000 floating tremolo.

Some guitar players wonder why you would put a floating tremolo on a 7 string guitar but we think visually it suits the guitar.

The tuners, as with pretty much all Agile models, are Grover rotomatic tuner with 18-1 ratio. This allows for really fine tuning and helps to keep the guitar in tune.

Like many of the Agile 7 and 8 string models this guitar weighs 8 1/2lbs so it really isn’t too heavy and won’t break your back.

This guitar is made in South Korea

interceptor pro

What Does It Cost?

“Come on”, you are thinking. With all these features the Interceptor Pro 727 must cost thousands of dollars.

If you thought that you would be wrong!

You can pick up this guitar for only $599.99!

Sold already? BUY ONE!


How Does it Sound?

Quality, features and price are all find and dandy but these things don’t mean a lick if the guitar doesn’t play well and sound good.

Here is a video showing you how the Agile Interceptor Pro 727 sounds and what it is capable of!



For the money, wel feel the Agile Interceptor Pro 727 is a no brainer.  

When you consider the combination of the price, features, sound and quality it is really hard not to see the Interceptor Pro as a clear top choice for anyone looking for a 7 string guitar.

Did we mention we also love the flat black finish!

So if you are in the market or on the fence about whether or not to get an Agile Interceptor Pro 727 get off the fence and don’t hesitate to go get one!


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