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Agile Harm 12 String

By November 4, 2015Agile Guitars

Agile Harm

There Ain’t No Harm in Owning This Agile


May we take this opportunity to introduce to you the Agile Harm.  As the title says there is nothing harmful about this guitar!  It is a beautiful instrument.

We love Agile Guitars with a tobacco sunburst finish.   There is just something soulful and beautiful about it.  The Agile Harm in tobacco sunburst finish is no exception.

Agile Harm – A Great 12 String

If you are looking for a guitar with more of a twang than this thing could be up your alley.  It comes with not one, not two, but three dual coil “toaster” pickups for that classic twang.  The body is semi hollow and made out of mahogany.  The crescent shaped cutout in the guitar helps it to really resonate.

Rondo has offered these Agile Guitar in traditional six-string format in the past but right now they are offering them in only a 12-string version.  Hey man, it’s just that much better!  And if you check the sale items section you can often find a Harm or two for sale and save anywhere from 10 to 40%.  If you can be patient it is worth keeping an eye out for when one comes on sale.



The neck is a set neck and the fretboard is ebony with a graphite nut.  One of the nice things is the nut could be easily swapped out for a graph tech nut if you wish.  As with most Agile guitars the Harm comes with Grover tuners and cream binding around the body, neck and head of the guitar.  Lastly, it also comes with a tune-o-matic bridge with 12 string saddles.

Usually these guitars run around $425 but from time to time you can find them on sale for under 400 bucks.  In fact, at the time of this writing, you can pick up this tobacco sunburst one for only $350.  That is an almost 18% discount!