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Agile Hawker 727

By December 3, 2015Agile Guitars

The Agile Hawker 727 is often overlooked but shouldn’t be!

Let’s get straight to the brass tax.  This guitar has a lot of the features that anyone who is familiar with Agile guitars has become accustomed to.

The guitar has a solid mahogany archtop body with a maple top.  The body has cutaways both top and bottom to provide easy access to the upper frets.  The neck is made of maple with an adjustable truss rod and rosewood fretboard.

Agile Hawker 727  As with all the Agile’s Grover tuners come standard on the guitar.  Pickups are Cepheus passive high output with ceramic magnets.  Last but not least the guitar also comes with a Floyd Rose FRT-S2000 double locking floating tremolo.It comes in a variety of finishes but this tribal blue has really caught our eye.


Traditionally, the Agile Hawker has only been offered in a six string configuration but now Rondomusic is offering it as a seven string guitar.


If you are looking for an Agile 7 string guitar the most popular choices are usually the Septor, Interceptor, Pendulum.  The Agile Hawker 727 will set you apart from the crowd, so to speak, in the world of Agile 7 string guitars.


Generally, we find the guitar pleasing to the eye, though in our minds it doesn’t look like as much of a hardcore metal guitar as say the Septor or Interceptor shapes.


Though, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you identify with this guitar who really cares what anyone else thinks.  We think you should go ahead and get it and shred with it.


Currently there are a few Hawker 727’s actually on sale anywhere from 10% to 20% off retail price.  Of course since Rondomusic sells direct their guitars are pretty much offered at more like wholesale prices to begin with so it really is a smoking deal if you can pick one up on sale.  Check them out in the 7 string section on the site.


So what is there to lose?  As we see it at the time of the writing you have a great looking guitar with great features and it’s on sale.  It does not get much better than that.  It’s a lot of guitar for the money and a nice axe to add to your collection.