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Agile Legacy 62527

By June 5, 2017Agile Guitars
Agile Legacy 62527

Agile Legacy 62527Agile Legacy 62527

The Legacy Continues

Last year Rondomusic introduced the Agile Legacy guitar model. An awesome 6 string guitar at a very affordable price.

Well for 2017 the legacy of the Agile Legacy continues in a new Legacy multi-scale offering.

Before we get going on the details can we just stop and say that this guitar is absolutely beautiful! The natural wood grain of the 3mm burl-maple top of this guitar is real easy on the eyes!

Onto the details!

Agile Legacy 62527The official name is the Agile Legacy 62527. What that means is the Legacy is a multi-scale 25 1/2 – 27” drop top guitar. The multi-scale design makes for a uniform string tension, perfect intonation and great sound.

Just look at the detail on this guitar how the finish transitions from left to right.

The body is a light weight mahogany with a uniform neck profile with rosewood fretboard and dual-action adjustable truss rod.

As for hardware the Agile Legacy multi-scale 62527 comes with Cepheus T-6 multi-scale wide throw tune-O-matic bridge with graphite saddles.

The strings are run in a string through body bridge with offset configuration. The tuners are Grover rotomatic’s with 18-1 ration.

The pickups are Cepheus passive 6 string humbucker pickups which Agile owners will be very familiar with.

And in case you were wondering the Legacy 62527 has a bolt on neck.

This is just a little bit of the information on this badass so go and check it out for yourself!


Agile Legacy 62527