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An Agile 8-String Multi-Scale Guitar For You

By April 27, 2016Agile Guitars

The Agile Pendulum Pro 82527 is a Beast!

Agile Guitar for Sale

Agile 8 String Multi Scale Guitar

May we introduce to you an 8-string guitar from Rondomusic that is almost too pretty for words.

I mean this guitar is an eye catcher, eye candy, guitar porn whatever you want to call it!

This sexy beast is none other than the Agile Pendulum Pro 82527; also known as 8 strings of multi-scale goodness!

Speaking of eye candy the Pendulum Pro in the wine red flame is the one that really first caught our eye.  Although the other offering of the Pendulum Pro 82527 in oceanburst quilt isn’t too hard on the eyes either!

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But to us something about the wine red flame is just money!

Heck it even sounds sexy.  Imagine when someone asks you what kind of finish is on your guitar being able to say, “wine red flame!”

So in case you haven’t figured it out already we think the guitar looks like a hot rod.

However, like a pretty woman, looks aren’t everything!  There has got to be some substance behind the window dressing and the Agile Pendulum Pro 82527 is loaded with both.

Agile Guitar for Sale

Agile Guitar for Sale

One of the first things that jumped out at us was that this monster comes with EMG 909 active pickups.  EMG, known for their active pickups, tend to have a higher output than most passive pickups.

Of course, as we already mentioned, the Pendulum Pro is a multi-scale design with a range of 25.5’ to 27’.

As a result of this the nut, pickups and bridge are all angled to accommodate the multi-scale range.

The bridge is a Cepheus high mass bridge and as with all Agile guitars the tuners are by Grover for that precision tuning.

The Pendulum Pro 82527 is a 5 piece neck-thru body design, which allows for great sustain, tone and helps to keep the guitar in tune.

Best Agile Guitar for Sale

Best Agile Guitar for Sale

The body is made of mahogany while the fret board is made of ebony.  As you can see from the pictures there are no fret markers on the fret board.  Instead the markers have been placed on the side of the neck resulting in a nice clean look.

The Pendulum Pro 82527 looks like a beast and you would think it might weigh a ton but it comes in at a respectable 10 pounds.

Depending on how big you are this may seem like a lot or a little.  Whatever the case we like that the guitar has some weight to it and often find that guitars like this fair a lot better if they get bumped around a little.

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