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Agile Pendulum Pro 82527

The Agile Pendulum Pro 82527 is an 8 string multi-scale monster of a guitar.  The first thing about Agile Guitars that really catches the eye is the oceanburst flame finish that really makes this guitar pop.  Now the oceanburst flame may not be every death metal guitarists cup of tea but there is something about it that calls out to us and for whatever reason just works…and if you don’t like it you can still get it in lots of other finishes.

agile pendulum pro 82527

Agile Pendulum Pro 82527

As it says right in the name this is a multi-scale guitar with a scale range of 25½”to 27”.  This is why you will notice that the frets and pickups are angled to accommodate the multi-scale.  You will also notice that consequently the nut and bridge are also angled.

One feature of this Agile Guitar that may pique your interest is that it is a neck thru body guitar.  Now neck thru body construction is usually something that is associated with a very expensive Guitar for Sale.  And there is much debate about which construction is better whether it be neck thru, set neck or bolt on.  Each does provide it’s own set of pluses and minuses so we will leave it up to you to decide.  However in this instance with the increased tension from the 8 strings a neck thru body construction guitar may be nice.  However if the unthinkable happens and you drop your guitar and damage the neck it won’t be as easy as just swapping out the old neck for a new one.

The pickups on this particular guitar are Cepheus Passive 9 multi scale pickups.  Currently the Pendulum Pro is also offered in other configurations with EMG pickups if you wish to have a different set of pickups.  You could also check out the custom shop to see if you can order a Pendulum Pro with Seymour Duncans.

We shouldn’t forget to mention that the body is made of solid mahogany and the fretboard is made of ebony.  Fret markers are on the side of the neck rather than on the fretboard.

To finish it off the guitar comes standard with Grover tuners and weighs in at a meaty 10 pounds.

Right now this particular guitar is on sale.  Check it out HERE.  Or you can check out all the Agile 8 string guitars Rondo Music offers.