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Agile Septor Pro 727 Review

Septor Pro 727

Septor Pro 727

Septor Pro 727

Agile Septor Pro 727 Review. If you are into metal than you know that there are plenty of guitars out there that are the everyday shred tools of the metal guitarist.

These guitars have great tone and sustain. You can get deep low meaty sounds out of them that you just can’t get out of other guitars.

The Agile Septor Pro 727 is quite at home in the metal world.

This guitar kicks ass!Untitled designQuality

Instead of 6 strings it has 7 strings. The Agile brand used to be considered more of a no-name brand but due to the gaining popularity of Agile guitars we are not really sure if Agile can be qualified as a no-name brand anymore.

Agile guitars have built up enough of a cult following that they stand alone on their own as a viable brand for the musician on a budget.

The quality of the Agile Septor Pro 727 is very good.

In fact, one could argue that, because of the high quality of this guitar, you would pay much more for this if it simply had a different brand name on it.

Agile Septor Pro 727


The Agile Septor Pro 727 has the following features which actually really highlight and illustrate the quality of the guitar:

  • Double cutaway, ligh weight mahogany arch top body
  • 27” scale ebony fret board
  • Made in USA Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • 5 piece neck-through body design
  • Uniform neck profile for ultra fast playing
  • Reverse Headstock
  • String through body
  • Grover Rotomatic Tuenrs

The Agile Septor Pro 727has a length of 42” including the strap button. The width of the neck and nut is 1 7/8” while the width of the neck at the 22nd fret is 2 3/16”.

The guitar weighs a total of 8 ½ lbs so it isn’t terribly heavy and you won’t tire out your back as much playing at gigs.

As you can see the many of the parts and methods of construction of the Agile are what you would find on guitars that cost thousands of dollars.

The features of the Septor Pro 727 really speak for themselves.


What Does it Cost?

If you guessed $599 than you would be right!

How can this guitar be so cheap? Probably this guitar is so cheap because Agile guitars are only sold via direct sales so the middle man is cut out along with the price markup that goes with it.

Already sold on this baby?

Buy it HERE



The playability of the guitar is very good. Action is good and can be adjusted to ones liking using the adjustable truss rod.

The Seymour Duncan pickups are great clear but can also provide that grunt when using effects. The uniform neck allows for more comfort when playing the guitar.


How Does it Sound?

Here is a great video we found that really will give a good overall view of what the Agile Septor Pro 277 sounds like.

There are many videos on youtube that can be found by doing a simple search for Agile Septor Pro 727.


What’s The Final Conclusion?

It is hard to find a good deal these days. It is especially hard to find a quality product that is offered at a reasonable price. Agile guitars must really want to get their guitars in people’s hands.

We don’t know how they do it but the Septor Pro 727 is the perfect match of quality and affordability.

This is a quality 7 string instrument. Some might even argue that it is a piece of art. Don’t take our word for it. Go check out the customer reviews for yourself.

However, if you are looking for a 7-string guitar than do not hesitate and buy this one.

Don’t hesitate! Here’s where you can buy this 7-string beauty.

Agile Septor Pro 727

Here are some other links to more info on Agile 7 string and Agile 8 string models.

In case you haven’t figured it out we really love Agile guitars.

Why spend thousands of dollars when you can get such a great quality guitar for thousands less?


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