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Agile Telecaster Guitars

By July 12, 2017Agile Guitars
agile telecaster guitars

agile telecaster guitars

If You Want a Telecaster You May Like Agile Telecaster Guitars?

Fender Telecasters are great guitars no doubt about it.   Obviously, there are various different model Tele’s that Fender offers to fit your price range.

If you know anything about Agile Guitars you know that Agile’s are also great guitars whether you are looking for a 6 string, 7 string, 8 string, 9 string or even 10 string guitar.

Agile Telecaster Guitars

Agile TC 625If you are looking to pick up a really well made, quality Telecaster guitar but are on a budget then you should do yourself a favour and check out the Agile Telecasters or, more correctly known as,  Agile TC guitars.

The Agile TC is Agile’s version of the Telecaster guitar.

The Agile TC 625 is has a traditional Telecaster style body made of 3 piece solid alder wood.  The neck of the guitar is made of maple and the fretboard on the particular model we looked at was also maple with 22 frets.

As with all Agile guitars you get Grover tuners standard with 18-1 tuning ratio.

The rest of guitar is pretty much the same as a Telecaster.  The guitar has a standard T-style fixed bridge with 3 adjustable saddles.  The Agile TC 625 also has two vintage style pickups that are single coil for that classic Telecaster sound.

This particular Agile TC 625 comes in a checkerboard finish which is kind of unique and we like it!  The guitar weighs in at a solid 9 pounds.

Agile also offers a TC 725 if you are looking for something really unique like a 7 string tele.

The added bonus of this guitar is that if you get bored playing you can always use it to play checkers on!

Check out how much this guitar is HERE.