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All New AGILE AL 1900

All New AGILE AL 1900

All New AGILE AL 1900

It is finally here!  Rondo Music has made the big announcement that the Agile AL 1900 is here and it seems it is replacing the venerable Agile AL 2000 for good.

I know it is a sad day to say goodbye to the AL 2000.  It was and is such a great guitar that has brought joy to so many people but all good things must come to an end.

Now you have the Agile AL 1900 to take it’s place.  All the same great quality of the Agile guitars and still very affordable.  So what is different, or new and exciting, about the AL 1900?

Well not much really!  The only thing that is actually really different is that the AL 1900 comes with a bolt on neck while the other AL guitars have either a set neck or a neck through body design.  Find out more information about the Agile AL 1900 at electricguitarcity.com

I guess a bolt on neck can be looked at as a good thing as you can now easily swap out the neck for a different one if you want to change it or you break the neck while smashing the guitar.   EDIT: Do Not smash your AL 1900 because that would be very bad and render the guitar useless.

I suppose the bolt on neck thing is also good if you would like to build like a Frankenstein guitar like Ed Van Halen.  That would be something if you could take like a Fender neck and bolt it to your Agile.  That maybe is a bad idea but would be neat to see someone try.

So the Agile AL 1900 is just over $200 so very affordable and easy on the wallet.  The Al 1900 still comes in all the great finishes that many of the other AL models come in.  I haven’t had the opportunity to play the AL 1900 yet so I am curious to see how it plays compared to the AL 2000.

I am guessing the quality of the AL 1900 will either make everyone forget about the AL 2000, because there won’t be any noticeable difference, or it will make the AL 2000 become more valuable if it doesn’t play as good.

So the jury is still out.  I am sure in the coming months as more people buy AL 1900’s and give there impressions the picture will become more clear as to what type of guitar the AL 1900 is and if it lives up to the quality Agile name we have all become accustomed to.