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An Agile Guitar From the Past

An Agile Guitar From the Past

An Agile Guitar From the Past

If you haven’t already check out electricguitarcity.com and click on sale items to see all the great summer deals that are on right now for Agile and SX guitars.

Make sure also to check out another guitar that we saw on the site.  It appears as if Agile guitars has brought back an old model into production.  Some of you may have heard that the Agile AL 2000 is no longer being produced.  A new model the AL 1900 was introduced which really is not a replacement for the AL 2000 but perhaps a step down from the AL 2000.

It appears as if the closest replacement for the AL 2000 is the AL 2500.  The AL 2500 is a great guitar and really when you check out the specs of the AL 2500 there is not much difference between it and the AL2500.

Perhaps that was the thinking on Agile Guitars part.  If they were looking to introduce the AL 1900 and bring back the AL 2500 it meant the AL 2000 and AL 2500 were kind of redundant.  It would make sense then to get rid of the AL 2000 and keep the AL 2500 as you can charge a few bucks more for it.

The Agile AL 2500 now becomes probably one of the best value guitars now in the Agile guitar lineup.  It comes in lots of great finishes and colors to suit the tastes of the consumer.

I love this guitar and think that at $250 this guitar is a steal.  It should be at the top of the list for those guitarists on a budget that are considering purchasing a new guitar.

The guitar has the same pickups as the outgoing Agile AL 2000 and the same construction.  It has a two way adjustable truss rod, binding around the body neck and headstock.  It appears as if the wiring and electronics are the same and it comes with the same Grover tuners as the other Agile guitars.

If you are looking for a new guitar and dig the Les Paul style guitar then check out the Agile AL 2500.  It is an awesome guitar.  It offers great quality at a very affordable price that other guitar companies would find hard to match.  If you want more information about Agile guitars than check out electricguitarcity.com to keep up to date with all the various models.