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Are 7 Strings Better Than 6?

By October 24, 2015Agile Guitars

Heck yeah!  A seven string guitar is so much more versatile especially if you want to play metal, grunge, speed metal or death metal.  The next question is what seven string guitar to buy?  Most people would think of some of the better known brands like Ibanez, Shecter or Music Man to name a few.  Look up these guitars, some of them are great guitars but they are also quite expensive.  What if you don’ that kind of cash to fork out for a 7 string guitar?

Best 7 String Guitars For Sale

Best 7 String Guitars For Sale

Enter Agile 7 String Guitars

Check out Agile 7 string guitars if you still want a great guitar but don’t want to spend as much money as you would on some of the better known brands.  Agile guitars offer a variety of 7 string guitars with various options and at a variety of price points.

These aren’t just cheap knockoff guitars but actually are very well made and come with a number of quality features.  Are you looking for a guitar with solid body and set neck-through design?  Does Agile have it?  Yes it does!  Do you want a guitar with Grover tuners and locking nut?  Agile’s got it!  What about your choice of Cepheus, Seymour Duncan or EMG pickups?  Just choose the Agile guitar that has the pickups you want and you are ready to shred!  And that is not all!  You also get many other great features with the Agile 7 string guitars like rosewood fretboard and adjustable truss rod.

So what is the catch?  How much is an Agile 7 string guitar going to set you back?  Well Agile guitars have tons of models to choose from that will set you back anywhere from just over $300 to $1000.  That is incredible pricing when you consider some of the guitars from the better known brands we mentioned above can cost over $4000!  For that price you could buy the most expensive 7 string guitar Agile makes and still have lots of money left over to buy some killer effects pedals and a killer amp.

If you want to check out more information about Agile guitars and Agile 7 string guitars then a good place to start is electricguitarcity.com.  That site has a ton more information and reviews to give you more details on the latest models being offered by Agile guitars.

From there you can also check out a lot of the guitar forums online.  You’ll find the Agile 7 string guitars are raved about not only because they are inexpensive but because you get so much guitar for the money.