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Are Agile Guitars Good Guitars or Good Cheap Guitar?

Good Cheap Guitars for sale

Good Cheap Guitars for sale

Why do so many people absolutely rave about Agile Guitars being such great guitars?  Is it just because they are so cheap and what you get for the price is so mind blowing?  Or is it because Agile guitars are actually good guitars and as a pleasant afterthought they are also very cheap?

We scoured the internet to find out what people are saying about this very topic!  What we found is that a lot of people say you can’t beat Agile Guitars for the money.  Some of these people also said that Agile Les Paul knockoffs, also known as Agile AL guitars, are the best sub $500 guitar out there today.  Very high praise indeed.

Other people talked about how, in addition to owning Agile Guitars, they have owned guitars that cost thousands of dollars and still think the Agile’s stack up rather nicely with the more expensive guitars.  One particular commenter even stated that if you swap out the pickups and pots of an Agile you can have a “friggin tone monster”!  It seemed to be pretty universally agreed upon that when comparing an Agile to another guitar in the same price range the Agile blows away the competition.

Then of course there were a large segment of the commenter’s we came across that just said the Agile guitars are just great guitars period.  We should stipulate that some did not use the word great but instead stated that they were good guitars no matter the price.

Other commenters pointed out that what makes Agile guitars good is the combination of build quality, price and good customer service.  Even though Agile guitars can only be ordered online they are still known for great customer service.  This is very interesting and in a lot of people’s minds adds value to the guitar and gives piece of mind in making the purchase in the first place.  Of course this is the internet and thousands of people have commented on these guitars.  Some mention that initially they did not receive a “good” guitar but that Rondomusic took care of them and replaced the guitar with one to their liking.  Though receiving a “bad” guitar was not the norm, the majority of people who did reported great customer service in helping them get a “good” guitar in their hands.

So what can we surmise from all of this information.  The real answer is still in the eye of the beholder.  Each individual is going to have their own opinion on whether Agile Guitars are good guitars or just good cheap guitars.  However, from the comments we read it seems as if there are a growing number of people that feel that Agile guitars are good guitars period and that they just happen to be really affordable!