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Are looking for electric guitars for beginners?

By January 5, 2016Agile Guitars

2 Quality electric guitars for beginners that won’t break the bank.

If you are buying a guitar for a beginner than we wouldn’t recommend spending too much on their first guitar.


What is too much money:

What is too much money really depends on what you think is too much.  For us we would say more than $500 is a lot for a beginner guitar.  For this reason we are going to focus on a couple of guitars that are under $500.


You can buy the more expensive guitar later when you have become more proficient at the guitar or have figured out that you are going to stick with playing guitar. You also want a beginner electric guitar that is going to be of a decent quality so it is fairly easy to play otherwise you will get turned off from playing guitar quickly.


But wait:

Learning to play guitar on a totally garbage guitar that doesn’t stay in tune can really turn you off from guitar altogether. Having a really playable Agile Guitar really can make all the difference.

Guitars For Beginners

Guitars For Beginners

The Agile AL-1900:

This is a heckuva guitar.  The Agile AL-1900 offers a solid mahogany arch-top body.  The sound and tone of the guitar really starts with the wood so having a solid body is definitely what you want.


The guitar comes with wax potted ceramic pickups.  These are the same type of pickups that were found on the old AL-2000 so they should sound great!  You also get a dual action truss rod and full body and neck binding.  The neck is bolt on so if you ever damage it you can replace the neck.


Here’s the best part:

You also get Grover tuners with this guitar so it will stay in tune.  Agile’s have a really great name and the AL’s are some of the best Les Paul copies out there.


You won’t believe this:

 I’m actually not going to tell you the price because you won’t believe it.  Check out the price and the guitars outHERE.


Check out some great electric guitars under $100


Douglas Gravity Semi-hollow:

You can get a great beginner electric guitar with some nice features from Rondomusic for under $200 bucks. Take for instance the Douglas Gravity Semi-hollow guitars.


The Douglas Gravity has a semi-hollow basswood body.  You can get it with either P90 pickups, humbuckers or 2 single coil pickups.


The neck is maple with adjustable truss rod. The fretboard is also made of Maple and either rosewood or maple fretboard for fastplay.


The best part of all with this guitar??? The price!!


Check out the price HERE.


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