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Back To School Supplies

By September 11, 2017Agile Guitars

Back To School Supplies

Agile Guitars

Did You Teacher Include a New Agile Guitar in The List of Required Items?

For all of you that have headed back to school already our condolences.  It’s tough to get back into the routine after those endless summer days with no responsibilities.  Maybe some of you were at math camp or something so perhaps school is a welcome relief.

For others of you the start of school just represents more of the same old same old because you have already been there and done that.

Whether you are Back to School or Not a New Guitar Will be a Benefit To You.

Agile pendulumIt sounds crazy but follow our logic here.  Ever heard of the moist robot theory?  Basically the gist of it is that we are all like robots that respond to inputs.  Various inputs will make us feel great and be beneficial to us, like working out, learning how to play an instrument, playing guitar or getting a good nights sleep.  Other inputs will make us feel bad, like not playing guitar, partying too hard and eating junk food.

Now getting a new Agile Guitar would be a great input that would make you feel good and benefit you in so many ways.  First you would get that initial rush of endorphins from making a new purchase.  That is exciting stuff, though a short term high, still it makes you feel good.  However, buying a new Agile Guitar will also have long lasting benefits.

For one you can get countless hours of satisfaction and stress relief by playing it and hearing the sweet sounds coming through your amp.

That is more then beneficial, that is therapeutic.  Doctors should be perscribing this to people to help them with their anxiety and to just get their heads right.

Can you imagine the benefits to the world if more people played guitar?  World peace would break out!  Perscription medication usage would go down, climate change would be reversed….alright maybe that was taking it a little to far.

So we don’t really know if buying a new guitar will actually do any of these things but hey, it can’t hurt to try!

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