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best 7 string guitar pickups

best 7 string guitar pickups

Best 7 String Guitar Pickups – 5 Pickups For Your 7 String Guitar


If you just bought a new 7 and are looking to upgrade your pickups than congrats.  If you are giving your old 7 new life with some new pickups than congrats to you also.

If you are into deep, aggressive metal that you might like one of these pickups. 

May we take this opportunity to present to you 5 pickups that you may consider for your new or old 7.  These are in no particular order.

Note: Before buying new pickups make sure the pickup cavity in your guitar is big enough to accept the new one or you may have to router out the cavity to accept the new pickup.

EMG 707TW 7 String Active Guitar Pickup

EMG 707TW 7 String Active Guitar Pickup $119

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The EMG 707 TW is an active pickup that, according to one description we read, delivers the clearest, fattest low end you’ve ever felt from a guitar pickup.  Now that is pretty lofty praise.  Not sure if we can get behind that but nevertheless this will be an upgrade from the Cepheus pickups that come with a lot of the Agile 7 string guitars.  In fact many of the higher priced Agile 7’s come with EMG 707’s in them.  This is a dual coil pickup loaded with Alnico magnets and each coil is wound separately.

The 707TW can be operated in single coil mode or dual coil mode to really give two different sounds out of one single pickup.

Seymour Duncan Pegasus/Sentient Set 7 String Pickups

Seymour Duncan Pegasus/Sentient 7 String Pickups $189

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The Pegasus/Sentient pickup set is handmade in Santa Barbera.  Both pickups are stuffed with alnico 5 magnets and vacuum wax potted so you don’t get any squeal or hum.  

This set of pickups is calibrated to work flawlessly with each other to give a lot of different metal tones.  These pickups are designed to sound great either through a clean channel or with high gain.

DiMarzio X2N 7 DP705 7-String Pickup

DiMarzio X2N 7 DP705 Pickup $89.99

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The X2N is a ceramic pickup with DC resistance of 13.97 Kohm.  This pickup is supposed to be really loud and is supposed to be really good at capturing the entire frequencies of all strings.  This is also a split coil pickup which means it is also great for clean and quiter sounds.  

It’s a great passive pickup with tight bass and beefy mid-range.

Seymour Duncan Nazgul 7-String Passive Bridge Pickup

Seymour Duncan Nazgul 7 String Pickup $135

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The Seymour Duncan Nazgul is meant to be paired with the Sentient pickup.  It is a passive pickup with a large ceramic magnet to give those deep tones.  The Nazgul is designed to really clear up  the B and F# strings with it’s mid range punch.  The pickup comes with a black cover.

EMG 81-7X 7-String Active Guitar Pickup

EMG 81-7x 7 String Active Pickup $119

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If you are looking for an active pickup than you should consider the EMG 81-7x.  It is a razor sharp screamer that really shows its chops when being used for soloing.  There are literally thousands of happy EMG customers.  The EMG 81-7x is part of EMG’s X series line of pickups.

If your looking for new 7 string pickups than you may want a new 7 string guitar also.