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Agile 9 string guitars

agile septor elite 930

Agile 9 String Beast

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Agile Septor Elite 930

agile septor elite 930

The Agile 9 String Beast!

Remember when all seventeen intelligence agencies agreed that Russia interfered with our elections?

Turns out it was only four.  Wait…what?

Anyhow, one thing that the intelligence agencies all completely agree on is that Russia has not interfered with the Agile Septor Elite 930!

Probably what happened is that one of the agencies did a report on the Agile Septor Elite 930 and told all the other agencies what a great job they did and all the other agencies agreed that because the one agency said the Agile Septor Elite 930 is great…well it must be great!

agile septor elite 930Those of us that can think for ourselves don’t need any intelligence agencies to tell us the Agile Septor Elite 930 is great.  We already know that!

Septor Elite 930

First can we say that this guitar is beautiful, mean, elegant and sinister all at the same time!

The body is a light weight double cutaway made from solid mahogany with an arch top and gloss finish.

As the 930 suggests, this is a 30″ scale guitar and a 5 piece neck thru design has been used in the construction of the Septor Elite 930.

The fretboard is ebony with fret markers located on the side of the neck to give the Septor a very clean look.

For hardware the guitar has a Cepheus extended bridge with sealed Grover tuners and EMG 909 active pickups.

The Septor Elite 930 is also offered in a oceanburst flame and black flame finish as can be seen here.  We are really feeling the natural mahogany and black flame finish ourselves.

So if you don’t want the Russians interfering in your elections than you may want to check out Septor Elite 930 HERE.

If not for you than DO IT for your country!

Agile Guitars


Great guitars 2017

Great Guitars 2017

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Great guitars 2017

Great Affordable Guitars For 2017

It’s 2017!  We all made it to a new year.  According to exit polls half of you feel like 2017 is gonna be just great and the other half…well not so much!

In spite of whatever side of the political coin you fall on may we suggest something that we think would absolutely bring the world together.  And what would that be?  Well if everyone got a new guitar in 2017 we’d be willing to bet this world would be a much better place!

With that in mind let us take this opportunity to suggest some guitars that we think would make great additions to your collection.


Agile InterceptorAgile Interceptor

The Agile Interceptor is available in 7 string or 8 string configurations.  This model, depending on features, can be found for anywhere from the $300 to $800 dollar range.

The main features of the guitar are a double cutaway arch top mahogany body, reverse headstock,  adjustable truss rod and Grover tuners.

The guitar comes in either 25 1/2″, 27″ or 28″ scales.  There is also a choice between ebony, rosewood and maple materials for the fretboard.

The Interceptor can be purchased with either a bolt on neck or neck-thru construction.  Depending on which variation of the Interceptor you get there is also a difference in pickups between the cheaper interceptors and the more expensive ones.

The cheaper Interceptors usually are equipped with the Cepheus pickups while the more expensive ones come equipped with Seymour Duncan or EMG pickups.

Check out the 7 string and 8 string Agile Interceptors


Agile Pendulum Agile Pendulum

If you are looking for a 7, 8 or 9 string multi scale guitar to add to your stable in 2017 than you should check out the Agile Pendulum.

The Pendulum is offered in a multi scale format with scale range from 25 1/2″ to 27″ in the 7 string version and 25 1/2″ to 28 5/8″ in the 8 and 9 string version.

The Pendulum’s usually range in price from $500 for the Pendulum all the way up to $900 for the Pendulum Elite model.

The bodies are made of mahogany and all the Pendulums come with Grover tuners.

Guitar construction ranges from a one piece set neck, 3 piece neck or a 5 piece neck thru design.

Pickups are either Cepheus, EMG or Seymour Duncan’s.

At the time of this writing all we could find is Pendulum’s offered with either ebony or rosewood fretboards.

Check out the 7 string, 8 string or 9 string Agile Pendulum


Agile IntrepidAgile Intrepid

If you are looking for a different shape guitar than the Pendulum or Interceptor than the Agile Intrepid may interest you. To us there is something about the shape of the Intrepid that just looks sinister…and we like it!

The Intrepid’s are offered in either standard scale or multi scale versions.  The guitars range in price from $500 to $600 and can be had in 7 string or 8 string models.

All the Intrepid’s we have seen have a mahogany body, Grover tuners and at the time of this writing all Intrepid’s offered had ebony fretboards.

For the multi scale Intrepid’s they are available in a scale range of 25 1/2″ to 27″ or 27″ to 28″.

The construction of the Intrepid is a 5 piece neck thru design.

Check out the 7 string and 8 string Agile Intrepid’s


Agile SeptorAgile Septor

If you are looking for a good 7 string or 8 string guitar but are on a budget than the Agile Septor may interest you.

The majority of Septor models offered are around the $300 mark.  Sectors with better pickups and neck thru construction can for anywhere between $500 to $800.

The bodies of the Septor’s are made of mahogany and come with a dual adjustable truss rod.  Grover tuners are standard along with all the Septor’s being string thru body design.

Septor models are offered with either a bolt on neck or 5 piece neck thru body design.  The guitars can come with either Cepheus or Seymour Duncan pickups.  

The Septor comes with either a rosewood, ebony or maple fretboard.  Position markers are located on the side of the neck.

Check out the 7 string and 8 string Agile Septor’s

Agile Guitar Multiscale – Check out the Agile Pendulum

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Here’s the deal:

Agile Guitar Multiscale

Agile Guitar Multiscale

Rondomusic makes Agile and Agile’s are great guitars.

Agile Guitar Multiscale

They are not just great guitars because they cost less than other guitars.  If you are wondering how Rondomusic can sell their Cheap Agile Guitar well it’s because they use direct sales to take out the middle-man.

Agile guitars are great guitars because they are well made quality instruments!

If you are looking for a multi-scale guitar than look no further than the Agile Pendulum.  You definitely owe it to yourself to take a look at the Pendulum lineup before you make the decision to purchase a guitar if you are ready.

Why should you check them out?

It’s really simple.  The Agile Pendulum will offer you more guitar at a more affordable price than most of its competitors.  We say “most” because off the top of our head we can’t think of any competitors that offer more guitar for the money than the Pendulum.

If you are looking for a 7 string guitar, 8 string guitar or 9 string multiscale guitar than the Agile Pendulum has got you covered.

Check out these insane guitars:

First off, in the 7 string models you have the Agile Pendulum Pro 72527 and the Agile Pendulum Elite 72527.  These are two badass guitars that deliver the goods.  These are neck-thru body constructed guitars that come with either EMG or Cepheus passive pickups.

The guitars also come with ebony or rosewoodfretboard, mahogany body, grover tuners and can be had in a variety of finishes.

We should mention that the Pendulum Elite 72527 comes with custom multi-scale Kahler 2227 KX FF tremolo designed in cooperation with Gary Kahler Custom multi-scale Kahler 2227 KX FF tremolo designed in cooperation with Gary Kahler.

Wait it gets better:

Next up is the Agile Pendulum Pro 82527 and Agile Pendulum Elite 82527.  If you are looking for a multiscale8 string guitar than check these out.  Most of the same features as the 7 string Pendulum’s except they have 8 strings.

Then there is the Agile Pendulum Pro 92528.  This is 9 strings of mean multiscale guitar.  It is a beast!  Neck thru body construction and a solid mahogany guitar, ebony fretboard, Grover tuners and Cepheus pickups are some of the highlights of this guitar.

For all of you into deathmetal, metal, shredding or what have you these are some guitars that you should check out and do some research on because they have really grown in popularity due in large part for the quality they offer at a very affordable price.

Don’t take our word for it.  Go check them out!

agile interceptor pro 930

Agile Interceptor 930

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Agile Interceptor 930

interceptor pro 930Agile Interceptor 930 is a baddass!

They’ve done it!  It’s done.  Why play a guitar with only six strings when you can have one with nine!  Over here at electricguitarcity.com we can barely get our fingers to do what we want them to do with just six strings.  We can only imagine the brain overload that would happen trying to manipulate nine strings.

This guitar, the Agile Interceptor 930, is a bad mother!  This, we imagine, is the electric guitar of choice for a certain type of individual; an individual born with four extra fingers on one of his hands!  Seriously, the guy who can play this guitar is in the status of legendary.

If you fall into that category we are in awe of you.  This is a lot of guitar and is a real handful, no pun intended.  So what do you get with this bad boy?  You get a double cutaway mahogany body with a bolt on one piece maple neck with a rosewood fretboard.  The fret markers on on the side of the neck and not on the fretboard.  The guitar also features Grover die cast tuners and a Kahler Pro 22229KX Tremolo that is made in the USA.  The pickups are  passive Cepheus 9 with master and control.  The cavity has been made larger to accomodate additional electronics if you want to add them later.

So when eight strings just isn’t enough the Interceptor 930 has got you covered.  CHECK IT OUT.