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Agile Al 3200

Les Paul Under $500?

By | Agile AL 1900, Agile AL 2500, Agile Al 3200

Les Paul under 500

Can you get a Les Paul under 500?  Well that depends if it is a Gibson Les Paul or an Epiphone Les Paul.  These days it will probably be hard to find even a decent Epiphone Les Paul guitar under $500.

These days as things just seem to get more and more expensive while salaries for the average joe just seem to stay the same there is a Les Paul style guitar out there that you can get for under $500 that isn’t a piece of junk.

In fact not only is it not a piece of junk but rather it is a high quality instrument that will give guitars that are thousands more a run for their money!

I am talking about the Agile AL guitars of Agile Guitar fame!  The Agile guitars are some of the highest quality and yet affordable guitars out there that you can get your hands on.

See More Info on Agile Guitars Here!

These are Les Paul style guitars that are will really surprise you if you are not familiar with them already.   They come with some very high quality materials and components like Grover tuners, solid mahogany bodies, cream binding, nickel hardware, dual adjustable truss rod and alnico pickups.

The Agile AL 3200, which is the premier guitar in the Agile AL lineup, can be purchased for $499.99.  This is a neck through body construction Agile Guitar which provides superior sustain.

The AL 3100 is at step below the 3200 and can be purchased for just $399.99.  This is a great guitar in it’s own right and has many of the same features as the AL 3200 but instead has a set neck.

The Agile AL 3010 is the next up and is offered for only $329.99.  This guitar also is very solid and is especially awesome when you consider the price point.

The AL 2500 is a very stout entry guitar at only $259.  You really have to play this guitar to appreciate the quality of it.  Once you play it you will wonder how they can offer it at such an affordable price.

The AL 1900 is the entry level Agile Guitar.  You can pick up an Agile AL 1900 for $229.  It has many of the same features as the other Agile’s except it has a bolt on neck.

Don’t hesitate to check them out and see more information at electricguitarcity.com

Thanksgiving Guitars

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Thanksgiving Guitars

5 Guitars That Would Make A Great Thanksgiving Gift

Hey everyone welcome to Electric Guitar City from electricguitarcity.com.  We have a new video coming at you.  Today we are going to talk about 5 guitar that would make a great thanksgiving gift. We are just going to go over a few specs on each guitar so if you want more information on each guitar just go to the website at electricguitarcity.com.  So let’s start it off!

septorelt728ebdnctribalbluequilt5Our first guitar is an Agile Septor Elite 728.  It’s an awesome guitar with an awesome finish in that tribal blue quilt. This guitar comes with the following features:

Double cutaway, light weight, mahogany, arch top body

Made in the USA Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups (AH1-b)

Sturdy 5 piece neck-through body design

Adjustable truss rod

Die cast Grover Rotomatic tuners

The best part of all is that this guitar is only


If you don’t like the blue it comes in lots of other colors and it also comes in a 27″ scale if you don’t want a 28″ scale guitar.

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Agile AL-3200MCC Tobacco Wide

al3200tobaccowide5Next up is the Agile AL-3200.  We are looking at a tobacco wide neck here but you can also get it in slim neck or with just a regular neck.  This guitar has the following features:

Neck-through design for improved sustain and playability

Graph Tech NVS2 bridge

Type V alnico humbucker pickups

Solid mahogany arch top body

This guitar is a great deal at only…


For those of you that don’t know the AL-3200 is the grand-daddy of the Agile AL lineup of guitars.

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Agile AL-3100MC 2TS Flame

AL 3100Another AL here.  It’s the 3100 tobacco sunburst and it is a beautiful guitar.  Here are just some of the features of this guitar:

Coil Tapping on neck and bridge pickup via push-pull tone knob

3/4″ solid thick, maple cap and solid mahogany body

Graph Tech NVS2 bridge (just like the AL-3200)

Type V Alnico humbucker pickups

One piece mahogany set neck

And the best part of all is this guitar is only…


Again, the 3100 comes in tons of other finishes if you are looking for something other than the tobacco sunburst.

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Agile AS-820 2TS Flame

as8202tsflame5Changing gears now we are going to go to the Agile AS-820 tobacco sunburst flame.  Here are just a few of the features this guitar comes with:

natural Spruce top with Maple back & Sides

Grover tuners

Set in Maple neck

ceramic humbucker pickups

Rosewood fretboard

This guitar is only…


That’s a great deal on a great looking guitar!

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Agile AL-3010 Gold P90

AL 2500 GoldLast but not least we are going to look at the Agile AL-3010 with the P90 pickups.  This guitar comes with the following features:

solid mahogany, arch top body

wax potted, ceramic P90 pickups

Dual action adjustable truss rod

BM-003 wide throw Tune-O-Matic (TOM) bridge

Grover Rotomatic tuners

If you can believe it this guitar is only…


That is a steal! Get that for your son or your daughter and they are going to be very happy.

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You can check all these guitars out at electricguitarcity.com and to see even more specific information and features on any of these guitars we have gone over simply click on any one of the box links under each guitar to see that specific guitar or you can click on the link below to check out all the guitars.

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Les Paul Copy

Les Paul Copy vs Real Gibson?

By | Agile Al 3200, Agile Guitars

Can’t afford a real Gibson Les Paul Standard?  How about a great Les Paul copy!

We give you the Agile Al 3200.  It is a great guitar for considerably less money.

Hey everyone out there. Here is another video for you today. We are going go to do a little comparison. We are going to go ahead and compare, just for fun, a 2015 Gibson Les Paul Standard to an Agile Al 3200. We are going to see what the differences and similarities are.  If you are looking for a Les Paul copy than the Agile Al 3200 may be for you.

Straight up Gibson, if you got the money, is a great guitar. It’s the standard and who wouldn’t want to have one. Most people would take one for sure. But there is a lot of us out there where times are tough, you got to put food on the table, pay rent or for school or whatever and spending thousands of dollars on a guitar is not a reality at this time. So let’s see if there is a good Les Paul copy out there.

AGILE AL 3200 2TS Flame P90

Les Paul Copy

Les Paul Copy

Let’s start off by looking at the Gibson 2015 Les Paul Standard. Here you have it; I found this one at musiciansfriend.com. As you can see, it’s a Gibson and it’s pretty to look at. We all kind of know what to expect with a Gibson Les Paul since it is the standard. This Gibson Les Paul Standard comes with a case. This particular one is a finished in a heritage cherry sunburst. The MSRP on this guitar is $6265. Looks like they have given us a nice healthy discount of $2500 and change for a discount retail price of $3759. So that is what this baby is going to set you back.

It looks good. I am not going to lie to you it is a beautiful looking guitar and I am guessing probably plays great. So what are the main features you get for the 2015 Gibson Les Paul standard, which actually has gone up in price from the 2014 model. Well you get a mahogany neck and mahogany body. I guess they have taken some weight out of it so it is a little lighter. The neck has a slim taper profile, compound radius rosewood fret board buffed and dressed to perfection by Gibson’s PLEK system. It comes with burst bucker pickups with reverse polarity for the rear pickup, removable pick guard and improved tune-o-matic bridge. G-fore tuners on this guitar and a zero fret nut. It says the neck and fingerboard is wider for increased playing comfort. Now that is interesting because someone said in the review for this guitar, and there is only one review so this is one person’s opinion, that they were complaining that the neck is wider than many acoustic guitars. They said due to their small hands the guitar is completely unplayable for them. They didn’t like the G-Force tuners either and said, “They looked cheap like a cheap plastic car screwed to the headstock the performance is spotty at best”. So this person was no too thrilled, Joe in southern California, was not too impressed this this guitar.

Agile AL-3200 Rootbeer Flame

Les Paul Copy

Les Paul Copy

The guitar has chrome hardware, tune-o-matic stop bar, cream and gold plastics with max grip speed knobs and hard shell case. The guitar has no satin or gloss finish and an improved jack design for uninterrupted signal and higher gauge wires. Pearl in-lays, one-piece thicker rosewood fingerboard and sanded and buffed with oil treatment. So all the things you would expect I guess for close to $4000. That is a bit of a chunk of change for most middle class people I guess. There are people out there that can pick this up and no big deal. That is the Gibson Les Paul Standard for $3759.

Now let’s take a look at an alternate choice to this guitar that might be a little more in people’s price range especially for those of us who are not in a band or not professional guitarists. For those of us who enjoy playing guitar and want a nice guitar but you don’t want to spend almost $4000 to get it here we have the Agile Al 3200.

Agile AL-3200 HSBF

Les Paul Copy

Les Paul Copy

As you can see it’s also a nice looking Les Paul copy. In my opinion, these aren’t the greatest pictures but I chose this one because I wanted to get a guitar that was kind of the same color in comparison to the Gibson. This guitar is $499.99 and that is for just the guitar only. If you want the case with that it doesn’t say how much it is. I guess it will say in the cart but I am sure it is not going to be another $3200 for the case!

This guitar is a good looking guitar. You can see the horn is more rounded than the Gibson and not pointy. The headstock is obviously different. The body is more contoured at the back for more comfort. The guitar has a cream binding around the body, up the neck and around the headstock. It’s a nice looking guitar also. This guitar for $500 you get a neck through design for improved sustain and playability. I don’t know too many other places where you can get a 5-piece neck through guitar for $500. That’s incredible! Like previously mentioned the body and neck are contoured. The Agile Al 3200 has a Graph Tech bridge with string saver saddles, two type V alnico humbucker pickups. You could go ahead and keep those pickups in there or swap out the pickups to pickups of your liking. It has a solid mahogany arch top body and I believe that was the same as the Gibson. It has upgraded wiring, pots and high voltage brass shafts so I think they are 500K pots. The fret board is ebony with mother of pearl trapezoid inlays and it has a graph tech nut with hand filed frets. So this guitar comes ready and somewhat professionally setup from the factory. I believe these guitars are made in Korea.

Agile AL-3200 CSBF

Les Paul Copy

Les Paul Copy

The review on this guitar says, “I just wanted to drop you a line regarding my recent Al 3200 purchase. I can’t believe the quality of the flame top & the outstanding workmanship, this guitar rivals anything I’ve seen or owned well into the $4800.00 category.” So there is someone else’s opinion of the Agile Al 3200. And we will give the benefit of the doubt that their opinion could be a little bit tainted in that if the Agile AL 3200 was $3700 than maybe this review would have been different. That same thing could be said for the guy that reviewed the Gibson if it was only $500. But the fact is the Agile AL 3200 is $499.99 and you get stuff and features that you would find on a much more expensive guitar on the Agile AL 3200 for only $500.

Agile AL-3200 Blue Flame

Les Paul copy

Les Paul Copy

In our minds if you don’t have $3759 lying around and you want that Les Paul sounding style guitar than the Agile Al 3200 is the way to go for $499.99. You can’t beat that value! Where can you get this guitar? Well you can come on over to http://electricguitarcity.com. Simply scroll down and click on the Agile AL guitars and it will show you all the Agile AL guitars that you can purchase. They do have other AL models that you can purchase that are even cheaper. So go and get yourself a guitar. It’s a great investment in your rock’n’roll future!