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Agile AL Guitars

Rockabilly With Agile AS 2000S

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Agile 12 String Guitars

Agile 12 String Guitars

On a recent trip to Disneyland California we found ourselves wandering through Cars land.  Hearing the sweet sounds of rockabilly, country and swing music dance through the air gave us the hankering to get our hands on a nice jazz guitar.  Yes, the jazz guitar can be used for more than just jazz! In fact, it is a very versatile guitar and the tones of it are oh so sweet!  If you are having the same hankering for a jazz guitar like us than we think we have the guitar for you.

Enter The Agile AS 2000S From Agile Guitars

This Agile guitar is a beautiful site to be seen!  The Agile AS-2000S can be ordered in a variety of finishes but some of our favourites are black cherry flame, white, rootbeer flame and plain old black.

These Agile guitars offer a true jazz semi hollow body with full binding around the head, neck and body.   The top is solid maple and the back and sides are solid mahogany.  The guitar has Grover tuners with 18-1 ration and a set in maple neck with a graphite nut.  Like many of the better models of Agile guitars the AS-2000S has a Cepheus T-6 wide throw tune-O-matic bridge with graphite saddles, rosewood fretboard and two ceramic humbucker pickups.

The hardware on this Agile guitar is gold and the semi hollow body really allows the player to achieve the rich sounds.  As we alluded to, the guitar is very versatile and great for many styles of play like jazz, rockabilly, country and swing.

What’s The Price?

The great thing about Agile guitars is that they are such a great value and offer great quality for what you pay.  For many comparable guitars from the competition you would pay 2 to 3x’s as much as you would for the Agile.  You can pick up and Agile AS-2000S guitar right now with a case for a little over $500.  Some of the comparable guitars from the competition go from $1000 to $2000.  As you can see the Agile guitars are considerably more affordable than many other guitars.  If you think about it this is great because you can now go blow the rest of your money on something else like a new amp or effects pedal to go with that new guitar.

If you are on the fence about buying an Agile guitar don’t be.  Go search online for yourself and you will see that there are thousands of great reviews for these guitars by people that own them out there.  So if you are in the market or are thinking about getting a new jazz or rockabilly style guitar than check out the Agile AS-2000S from Agile guitars.

Are Agile Guitars Good Guitars or Good Cheap Guitar?

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Good Cheap Guitars for sale

Good Cheap Guitars for sale

Why do so many people absolutely rave about Agile Guitars being such great guitars?  Is it just because they are so cheap and what you get for the price is so mind blowing?  Or is it because Agile guitars are actually good guitars and as a pleasant afterthought they are also very cheap?

We scoured the internet to find out what people are saying about this very topic!  What we found is that a lot of people say you can’t beat Agile Guitars for the money.  Some of these people also said that Agile Les Paul knockoffs, also known as Agile AL guitars, are the best sub $500 guitar out there today.  Very high praise indeed.

Other people talked about how, in addition to owning Agile Guitars, they have owned guitars that cost thousands of dollars and still think the Agile’s stack up rather nicely with the more expensive guitars.  One particular commenter even stated that if you swap out the pickups and pots of an Agile you can have a “friggin tone monster”!  It seemed to be pretty universally agreed upon that when comparing an Agile to another guitar in the same price range the Agile blows away the competition.

Then of course there were a large segment of the commenter’s we came across that just said the Agile guitars are just great guitars period.  We should stipulate that some did not use the word great but instead stated that they were good guitars no matter the price.

Other commenters pointed out that what makes Agile guitars good is the combination of build quality, price and good customer service.  Even though Agile guitars can only be ordered online they are still known for great customer service.  This is very interesting and in a lot of people’s minds adds value to the guitar and gives piece of mind in making the purchase in the first place.  Of course this is the internet and thousands of people have commented on these guitars.  Some mention that initially they did not receive a “good” guitar but that Rondomusic took care of them and replaced the guitar with one to their liking.  Though receiving a “bad” guitar was not the norm, the majority of people who did reported great customer service in helping them get a “good” guitar in their hands.

So what can we surmise from all of this information.  The real answer is still in the eye of the beholder.  Each individual is going to have their own opinion on whether Agile Guitars are good guitars or just good cheap guitars.  However, from the comments we read it seems as if there are a growing number of people that feel that Agile guitars are good guitars period and that they just happen to be really affordable!

An Agile Guitar From the Past

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An Agile Guitar From the Past

An Agile Guitar From the Past

If you haven’t already check out electricguitarcity.com and click on sale items to see all the great summer deals that are on right now for Agile and SX guitars.

Make sure also to check out another guitar that we saw on the site.  It appears as if Agile guitars has brought back an old model into production.  Some of you may have heard that the Agile AL 2000 is no longer being produced.  A new model the AL 1900 was introduced which really is not a replacement for the AL 2000 but perhaps a step down from the AL 2000.

It appears as if the closest replacement for the AL 2000 is the AL 2500.  The AL 2500 is a great guitar and really when you check out the specs of the AL 2500 there is not much difference between it and the AL2500.

Perhaps that was the thinking on Agile Guitars part.  If they were looking to introduce the AL 1900 and bring back the AL 2500 it meant the AL 2000 and AL 2500 were kind of redundant.  It would make sense then to get rid of the AL 2000 and keep the AL 2500 as you can charge a few bucks more for it.

The Agile AL 2500 now becomes probably one of the best value guitars now in the Agile guitar lineup.  It comes in lots of great finishes and colors to suit the tastes of the consumer.

I love this guitar and think that at $250 this guitar is a steal.  It should be at the top of the list for those guitarists on a budget that are considering purchasing a new guitar.

The guitar has the same pickups as the outgoing Agile AL 2000 and the same construction.  It has a two way adjustable truss rod, binding around the body neck and headstock.  It appears as if the wiring and electronics are the same and it comes with the same Grover tuners as the other Agile guitars.

If you are looking for a new guitar and dig the Les Paul style guitar then check out the Agile AL 2500.  It is an awesome guitar.  It offers great quality at a very affordable price that other guitar companies would find hard to match.  If you want more information about Agile guitars than check out electricguitarcity.com to keep up to date with all the various models.

Agile Guitars Club – For The Thrifty Musician

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Agile Guitars Club

Agile Guitars Club

Agile Guitars Club

Are you a member of the club yet?  What is holding you back?  Is it the solid mahogany body, the Grover tuners, ¾” maple cap?  Or maybe it is the Alnico V pickups?  Or maybe it is that you can get one for $200-$500?  If it is that cheap it just can’t be good right!  Perhaps it is because it has got the name “Agile” on it.  Is “Agile” a name that can be trusted? What’s the angle here, what’s the rub?  You really want to join the Agile Guitar Club and everything is telling you to do it but you just can’t.


The good news is that more and more people are overcoming their fears and taking the plunge to become members of the Agile Guitars Club.  Once they ‘let go’ and give into their desires to buy an Agile guitar they wonder what took them so long!  After all it is cool to be thrifty and there is nothing wrong with it.  Besides you will have a stellar Agile guitar that your friends will drool over.  They will pick it up and play it and think to themselves, “this guy must have spent thousands on this guitar!”.


Yes, that is what they might think and whether you tell them how much your Agile guitar cost is up to you but on thing we know is whether they know how much it cost or not after they play it they will want one!


You have to hand it to the Koreans…they make some fabulous guitars!  Agile Guitars offers some great six string guitars but that is not all they are known for.  In addition to great Les Paul style six string guitars Agile guitars also makes some really quality seven string, eight string and nine string guitars.  In fact, there is a whole culture that has developed online around Agile seven, eight and nine string guitars.  The feedback about these guitars is really positive.  The thing that people really rave about is the quality of the guitars that Agile makes and the very affordable prices at which these quality guitars are offered.  Really an argument can be made that Agile Guitars are becoming the new leaders in the guitar world based on how much their guitars offer at a very low price point.  This is mostly due to the direct sales model that Agile guitars use to distribute their guitars directly to the consumer.


So if you have been thinking about buying an Agile Guitars and joining the Agile Guitars Club…you know, the one for the thrifty musician…then do it.  Do it and with the money you save go buy yourself that kick ass amp you have had your eye on!

Thanksgiving Guitars

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Thanksgiving Guitars

5 Guitars That Would Make A Great Thanksgiving Gift

Hey everyone welcome to Electric Guitar City from electricguitarcity.com.  We have a new video coming at you.  Today we are going to talk about 5 guitar that would make a great thanksgiving gift. We are just going to go over a few specs on each guitar so if you want more information on each guitar just go to the website at electricguitarcity.com.  So let’s start it off!

septorelt728ebdnctribalbluequilt5Our first guitar is an Agile Septor Elite 728.  It’s an awesome guitar with an awesome finish in that tribal blue quilt. This guitar comes with the following features:

Double cutaway, light weight, mahogany, arch top body

Made in the USA Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups (AH1-b)

Sturdy 5 piece neck-through body design

Adjustable truss rod

Die cast Grover Rotomatic tuners

The best part of all is that this guitar is only


If you don’t like the blue it comes in lots of other colors and it also comes in a 27″ scale if you don’t want a 28″ scale guitar.

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Agile AL-3200MCC Tobacco Wide

al3200tobaccowide5Next up is the Agile AL-3200.  We are looking at a tobacco wide neck here but you can also get it in slim neck or with just a regular neck.  This guitar has the following features:

Neck-through design for improved sustain and playability

Graph Tech NVS2 bridge

Type V alnico humbucker pickups

Solid mahogany arch top body

This guitar is a great deal at only…


For those of you that don’t know the AL-3200 is the grand-daddy of the Agile AL lineup of guitars.

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Agile AL-3100MC 2TS Flame

AL 3100Another AL here.  It’s the 3100 tobacco sunburst and it is a beautiful guitar.  Here are just some of the features of this guitar:

Coil Tapping on neck and bridge pickup via push-pull tone knob

3/4″ solid thick, maple cap and solid mahogany body

Graph Tech NVS2 bridge (just like the AL-3200)

Type V Alnico humbucker pickups

One piece mahogany set neck

And the best part of all is this guitar is only…


Again, the 3100 comes in tons of other finishes if you are looking for something other than the tobacco sunburst.

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Agile AS-820 2TS Flame

as8202tsflame5Changing gears now we are going to go to the Agile AS-820 tobacco sunburst flame.  Here are just a few of the features this guitar comes with:

natural Spruce top with Maple back & Sides

Grover tuners

Set in Maple neck

ceramic humbucker pickups

Rosewood fretboard

This guitar is only…


That’s a great deal on a great looking guitar!

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Agile AL-3010 Gold P90

AL 2500 GoldLast but not least we are going to look at the Agile AL-3010 with the P90 pickups.  This guitar comes with the following features:

solid mahogany, arch top body

wax potted, ceramic P90 pickups

Dual action adjustable truss rod

BM-003 wide throw Tune-O-Matic (TOM) bridge

Grover Rotomatic tuners

If you can believe it this guitar is only…


That is a steal! Get that for your son or your daughter and they are going to be very happy.

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You can check all these guitars out at electricguitarcity.com and to see even more specific information and features on any of these guitars we have gone over simply click on any one of the box links under each guitar to see that specific guitar or you can click on the link below to check out all the guitars.

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Al 1900

Agile Guitar AL-1900 Review

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Agile Guitar AL-1900

Agile Guitar AL-1900

Agile Guitar AL-1900 Review


The Agile Guitar AL-1900 is the latest offering in the Agile AL series of guitars from Rondo Music. We are guessing the new AL-1900 is the replacement for the outgoing AL-2000 model. However, there are still a couple AL-2000 models left at the writing of this article.


How Does the Agile Guitar AL-1900 Compare to the AL 2000


The quick answer is that the AL-1900 has a bolt on neck while the AL-2000 had a set neck. Other than that we can’t see a whole lot of difference. Rondo Music very cleverly has marketed this as a positive thing that allows you to quickly and easily swap out the neck for repair or for replacement with a third party neck if desired.


Well we can’t argue with that as it is true. You can more easily swap out the neck for repair or replace it now for a different neck.


The other difference we can see from the pictures is that the back of the neck on the AL-1900 is not stained and is instead left a natural wood color. We haven’t played an Agile AL-1900 yet but we are guessing this may be a good thing as some people noted they thought there was too much finish on the back of the neck of the AL-2000 so this may change that.


Here is a rundown of the features of the AL-1900


  • Solid 3 piece mahogany body
  • 1/16th A Grade Maple top
  • Body and neck binding
  • Ceramic covered pickups
  • Grover 102-18C tuners
  • 2 piece Mahogany bolt-on neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 24 ¾” scale
  • Pearloid inlays
  • Dual action truss rod
  • 1 11/16” graphite nut
  • BM-003 Bridge and Tail


So you can see there is not much difference other than the bolt on neck. We don’t see any reason why this would be a great guitar. It is offered for $229 and change, which is about $5 more than the Agile AL-2000 was.


This looks to be the replacement for the AL-2000 as the least expensive AL model.   The AL-1900 comes in a variety of finishes just like the AL-2000. We can’t tell if some of the finishes have changed slightly or whether Rondo Music is just taking better pictures of the guitars because some of the finishes look way more vibrant than we recall seeing in the past.


We can’t wait to get our hands on one to see how this new guitar plays and stacks up against the other AL models playing wise, especially the outgoing AL-2000.


Will the AL-1900 be as good as the AL-2000 that fans of Agile guitars have come to know and love? Time will tell but as it stands, and based on the reputation of Agile’s as affordable quality guitars, we have no reason to believe otherwise.


If you want to see the Agile AL-1900 or buy one than you can check them out at Rondo Music HERE.

Agile guitars review

Guitar Impressions

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My Impression of Agile Guitars


For those of us musicians that perhaps are blessed or cursed, you might say, with the love for playing guitar but maybe not as blessed financially the question is what do you do to get a decent guitar? I searched long and hard, eventually stumbling across Agile Guitars as, what people on the Internet seemingly made out to be, the “be all and end all” of quality guitars at affordable prices. I read many claims about people saying they were better than Epiphone or people could not tell the difference between their Gibson Les Paul and their Agile AL 3200. I mean those are pretty tall claims. What is a person supposed to make out of this?


So are the Agile Guitars really all that they are made out to be? Here is my impression.


What We Know


Most, if not all, of the Agile line-up is made in South Korea for Rondo Music which is the only website you can actually buy a brand new Agile guitar from.   The new ones offered on Ebay or Amazon are still all made by/for Rondo Music. There are other sites out there that appear to sell Agile Guitars but they all simply direct you to Rondo Music’s website to purchase the guitar because they are the ones that own the Agile brand.


Agile offers a variety of models but the most popular by far are the AL models and the 7 string models. The Agile AL models will run you $200 to $500. The 7 string models can run from $300 to $1000.


For the AL series pretty much all are made of solid mahogany with maple top. All come with 2 way adjustable truss rod and Grover tuners. Different models have different pickups and electronics, bolt on neck or neck through design and different degrees of binding around the guitar, neck and headstock. There are additional differences between the models and if you want to look further check them out here.


The Agile 7 string guitars such as the Septor, Interceptor and Pendulum models.   These guitars also have solid mahogany bodies and Grover tuners. The majority of models are neck through body design but some of the cheaper ones come with bolt on necks. Pickups installed from the factory vary between Cepheus, Seymour Duncan and EMG depending on the model. Some guitars come without any tremolo and some can be purchased with either Floyd Rose or Kahler tremolo’s with locking nut. For a more full list of features and differences between the 7 string models simply click here.




Enough with all the specs let’s get down to the particulars of whether these guitars are any good or not.


My impressions I am going to share are of the Agile AL series guitar I have, specifically the Agile AL 2000.


First off the thing I noticed was that this guitar felt well made. I mean you pick up the thing and it has some weight to it! It feels solid and you can tell it is well constructed.


Fit and finish was also very good. Everybody says this and then something like “especially when I considered how little I paid for it!” Now don’t take this to mean that I expected the guitar to be crap for what I paid. You might also be thinking “well the quality is better than expected but still on par for a $200 to $500 guitar!”


The quality, fit and finish is on par with guitars that are much more expensive than the Agile AL guitars.


My first impression of playing the guitar was that it was pretty well set up from the factory and played very well right out of the box. Some people complain that there is too much poly on the back of the neck for their liking but I honestly didn’t find it to be any big deal for me. This guitar played as good as and in some cases better than many other guitars I have played that are way more expensive.


I was expecting the pickups to be crap but they were actually very good. People may want to swap them out for something else but like most people I have seen, that thought they would switch pickups right away, once you play the guitar for the first time the pickups sound so good that you decide to just leave them in there for awhile.


I did decide to swap out the pickups after playing the guitar for a while, and I mean months, but it was more to try something new than anything to do with not liking the stock pickups.




A heckuva guitar! Is it as good as a Gibson? Absolutely not. It’s really like comparing apples to oranges or like a Shelby Cobra replica to a real Shelby Cobra. There is no comparison! They are not the same thing. One is the real thing while the other is a replica. Does that mean the replica is no good? Absolutely not! In fact, depending on your viewpoint you might enjoy the replica more than the real thing because it performs as good and you are not as worried about it getting ruined.


This is the same with the Agile AL guitars. They are not Gibson Les Paul’s and never will be. However, they are still great guitars in their own right and when you consider the price it just becomes a no brainer to get one. At least that is how I feel.

If you want more information about the Agile AL guitars then visit the Rondo music website here.

agile al 2000

Agile AL 2000 – The Gear you Need

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Agile AL 2000 – The Review

The Gear You Need

Hey Everyone, welcome to Electric Guitar City. Today we are going to talk about a guitar that is very near and dear to our hearts and that is the Agile AL 2000.  If you haven’t heard about it we don’t know where you have been but it is a very popular model offered by rondo music.  It is a great Les paul copy guitar and gets overwhelming positive reviews online everywhere you look in terms of how much guitar you get for the money.

Agile AL-2000 2TS – $225
Agile AL-2000 CSBF – $225
Agile AL-2000 Blue Flame – $225
Agile AL-2000 2TS Flame – $225
Agile AL-2000 Rootbeer Flame – $225
Agile AL-2000 Tobacco Flame TSB – $225
Agile AL-2000 HSBF – $225
Agile AL-2000 2TS Flame Wide – $225
Agile AL-2000 Tobacco Slim – $225
Agile AL-2000 White, Gold HW – $239.95
Agile AL-2000 627 Flat Black Baritone – $249.95

Look Here: 

So what we are going to do today is we are going to take a closer look at the Agile AL 2000 and hopefully if you are on the fence thinking about whether or not you should buy one, right off the bat we definitely recommend go ahead and buy one and get yourself one.  We also hear that the Agile AL 2000 is going to be going away and that what you see on rondo music in terms of what is on their website now is the last of the stock that will be available for the Agile AL 2000.  Not sure why they are getting rid of the AL 2000?  Not sure why because it is one of the most popular models rondo music offers.  Could be they are not making enough money on it or profit margin isn’t high enough but I guess they could make it more expensive if that was the case.  Or maybe it is because the Agile AL 3010 is only a few more bucks and people are choosing to buy that instead with a few upgrades to it.  So if you are looking to get one or get your hands on one cause from what we have heard they won’t be available for forever.

Agile Al 2000

Agile Al 2000

Isn’t Tobacco Good For You?:

First we are going to take a look at an Agile AL 2000. This is the 2 tone tobacco sunburst model. As you can see this is a nice looking guitar with a nice finish. There are many pictures for you to look at of the guitar. It is a good looking guitar and we can definitely say we own one of these guitars. We have an AL 2000 gold top and it has been a wicked guitar! Really great guitar for the money in fact every time we play we still can’t believe how much guitar you get for $225. As you can see you get a single cutaway, solid mahogany, arch top body. High quality wax potted ceramic hum bucker pickups and if you look on our website you can tell from another video and article we did that swapped out these pickups for some cheap ones off Amazon just to try them out and change things up. We had had the stock pickups in the guitar for eight years and decided that why not try something different. But the pickups that originally came with the guitar still sounded great and no problems with them. So they are great pickups and you can always swap them out if you want something else.

The Goods:

The guitar comes with an adjustable truss rod so you can adjust the action of the neck. The guitar has full body and neck binding as you can see around the whole guitar. There is a beautiful stop bar tail piece to transfer string vibration to the body of the guitar to allow it to produce that great sustain of the Les Paul style guitar. It also has 22 frets, they say they are jumbo frets but that is up for debate, but the guitar is still very playable. The neck is set in mahogany and the fretboard is rosewood and as you can see the trapezoid inlays. The guitar also comes with Grover rotomatic 18-1 turning ratio tuners. They are the model 102-189. Like you normal Les Paul style guitar the agile al 2000 comes with two volume controls and two tone controls. The guitar is made in South Korea. The great thing about these guitars is that it is only $225 for an Agile AL 2000 right now. This is a heck of a lot better than many other Les Paul style guitars you are going to may seek out in the store like Epiphone is a great example.

Agile Al 2000

Agile Al 2000

The guitar does come in a lot of other finishes so let’s just take a look at some of the other ones. You’ve got the cherry sunburst where you can see there is a little bit of quilting in the finish as you can see in the more close up look of it. As you can see it is a very nice finish and then you’ve got the Agile Al 2000 in blue! It is a blue flame finish and we think this is very cool and wouldn’t mind having a blue flame guitar. The guitars also come with a Canadian maple top over the solid mahogany arch top body.

Even More Tobacco:

Let’s take a look at another one here the two tone tobacco sunburst flame. It just has a little bit more variation and interesting stuff going on in the wood that comes out in the finish. Looks like the tobacco part of it is a little bit less intense than the other one we looked at.

The rootbeer flame model is a nice looking guitar.  We really like the rootbeer flame and think it is very sharp looking.

Another tobacco flame and than a honey sunburst flame.  Really like the finish on this guitar.  The honey sunburst is just a real classic looking finish.

There is also a cherry sunburst flame and a tobacco sunburst flame with a wide neck.  We just have a regular neck Agile Al 2000 so it would interesting to hear from anyone who has the wide profile neck to see how that compares to the regular profile neck.

This one you have got a cherry sunburst with slim neck instead with a slim neck taper. You can also get a tobacco finish slim neck. In fact we really like that finish because it doesn’t have much going in the grain of the wood which there is just something appealing about.

They also have an Agile Al 2000 white with gold hardware so that is kind of cool.  Everything else is the same and you still have the cream binding around the body and up the neck.  This is just a nice white guitar with gold hardware.  This one is $239.95

And then they also have a flat black baritone al 2000 that actual is a 27 inch scale model.  The extended scale improves string tension and allows for lower tuning.  I guess you could say this guitar is kind of murdered out being flat black, all black with cream binding around the body and up the neck.  You’ll notice there is no trapezoid inlays in the fingerboard.  It’s kind of a cool looking guitar with all black hardware and is very cool.  This one is $249.95

The Close:

So again if you are looking for a les paul style guitar and you don’t want to spend the money on a Gibson or it is not a financial reality for you to spend 2,3 or 4000 on a Gibson Les Paul and you want to get a good bang for your buck; or you just want a guitar that is good value and is not going to cost you a lot of money than the Agile al 2000 is something that you should take a look at. You can order it by visiting Electricguitarcity.com and just simply click on the Agile guitars AL series and that will take you to where they have all the Agile AL 2000’s and even the 3000’s if you want and you can see all the guitars that they have to offer. Pick one up and let us know what you think!

The Agile Al 2000 is a good investment in your rock’n’roll future!

Agile guitar

Agile Guitar

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agile harmWhy buy an Agile Guitar?  That is what a lot of people ask themselves.  In fact that is what we ask ourselves years ago before we bought our first Agile Guitar.  The question is especially relevant when you consider all the different brands of guitars out there to choose from.

We think it is a safe bet that most people  are considering Agile Guitars because they cannot afford the real version of whatever guitar they are looking at.  So if you can’t afford a real Gibson or Fender than you have probably started to look at the lesser of their models.  Models like the Epiphone’s and Fender Squier guitars of this world.  In many cases with these guitars you still can pay a good deal of money for them or you don’t pay that much money for them and you get a sub-par guitar that you are not happy with.agile al 3001

This is where Agile Guitars fills the niche for people like us looking for a good quality guitar for a reasonable price.  This is the reason why Agile Guitars are growing in popularity.  It’s the reason why Agile Guitars are becoming more of a respected name and it is the reason why more and more people that are in our position are choosing to buy Agile Guitars.  When you buy an Agile you know you are going to get good value for your money and at the end of the day that is what most people we know want.

So perhaps the better question is why not buy an Agile Guitar?  There are many articles on this site that cover the great features of the guitar, like standard Grover tuners for example, and the quality materials used to build the guitar so we won’t go into great detail about that here.  The point is if you are considering an Agile Guitar than we feel you can be rest assured that you are making a good decision and that you will be very pleased with the guitar for the price you pay.

Check out all the Agile models