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Weekly Roundup

Weekly Twitter Roundup A great weekly roundup with some of the guitar highlights of the week from twitter for your entertainment!  Enjoy the weekend and pick yourself up a NEW GUITAR! Agile AL 2000 – The Gear you Need #agileguitars #guitars — ElectricGuitarCity (@ElectricGuitarC) March 31, 2015 Sequel! Guitarist Imitates Styles of "Another […]

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Agile AL 2000 – The Gear you Need

Agile AL 2000 – The Review The Gear You Need Hey Everyone, welcome to Electric Guitar City. Today we are going to talk about a guitar that is very near and dear to our hearts and that is the Agile AL 2000.  If you haven’t heard about it we don’t know where you have been […]

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Weekly Roundup

Check out the going’s on that are going on!  Another week in the books!  Everyone have a great weekend! Want the guitar in the picture?  GET IT HERE! Cheap Guitars For Sale That Aren't Cheaply Made! — ElectricGuitarCity (@ElectricGuitarC) March 14, 2015 Check out @ZakkWyldeBLS' blog as he remembers '87 & talks about […]

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Cheap Guitars For Sale That Aren’t Cheaply Made!

If you are looking for cheap guitars for sale obviously money is an issue. What you don’t want with cheap guitars is for them to fall apart as soon as you get one, or never stay in tune. What should you look for when shopping for cheap guitars for sale?: The real key when you are looking for cheap guitars is that you […]

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Best of the week

It’s the end of another week so here is the best of the week! DEAL OF THE WEEK!! CLICK HERE!! Incredible Street Guitarist Blows Minds (but doesn't turn too many heads) VIDEO #DamianSalazar — Guitar World (@GuitarWorld) March 5, 2015 Have a great weekend!    

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Finally Great Value Left Handed Guitars For Sale!

See Left Handed Guitars At Rondomusic If you are looking for a left handed guitar for sale there are a lot of options out there for you to consider.  If you have read any of the other pages on this site you know that we are a fan of getting the most guitar you can get for the money.  Not all of […]

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The Best Cheap Guitar Pickups?

Are you looking for the best Cheap Guitar Pickups? Hard to say if these cheap pickups are the best but they are pretty damn good! 1set of 2 Zebra Faced Humbucker Double Coil Pickups Electric Guitar Hey everyone welcome to another video from  Today we are going to talk about something a little bit […]

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale

Are you looking for cheap electric guitars for sale? See Lots Of Cheap Electric Guitars At Rondomusic Well, you’ve come to the right place. I remember when I got my first electric guitar.  I remember it well because my guitar teacher said to me, “This is an investment in your rock’n’roll future!“. That being said I like […]

Best of the Week

It’s that time of the week again!  Time to round up the best of from out Twitter.  Enjoy! If you want the guitar in the picture check it out HERE Best 7 String Guitar Under $1000 #agileguitars #7stringguitars #metal — ElectricGuitarCity (@ElectricGuitarC) February 13, 2015 FX gurus @EarthQuakerDev demo 2 new fuzzes and […]

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Best 7 String Guitar Under $1000

Want to purchase a 7 string guitar but want to spend under $1000? Take a look at ten guitars we think are candidates to be the best 7 string guitar under $1000 Have you been looking for or considering purchasing a 7 string electric guitar but not sure what to get? This video from Electric […]