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agile traveler

Agile Traveler

Agile Traveler

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And Now For Something Completely Different…

The Agile Traveler is a high quality short scale travel guitar.

Agile TravelerYou travel alot and this takes you away from your favourite pastime of playing guitar. Your guitar is too bulky and expensive to risk checking it in at baggage for fear that it will be damaged by the oh so careful baggage handlers or warp from changing altitude and environment.

Somehow you wish you could have the best of both worlds. You need a guitar that is lightweight, small and built with travelling in mind.

Well the Agile Traveller might be the guitar for you!

Alright it is kind of a weird looking guitar but it is made with a purpose in mind. That purpose being travel, which accounts for the very unique shape of the Agile Traveler and the short scale of it.

The Goods:

The Agile Traveler starts off with a body made of mahogany which has been chopped and hollowed to make the body light weight.

Considering all things Agile really succeeded in reducing the weight of the guitar because it comes in at a very anemic 4 pounds.Agile Traveler

This makes the Agile Traveler perfect for travel as it won’t break your back as you carry it through the airport.

The guitar really is basic. In addition, to the mahogany body, it has a rosewood fretboard with a neck made of nato wood and dot inlays on the fretboard to finish it off.

You get one volume control and one ceramic humbucker pickup. One other nice thing about the Agile Traveler is that it has separate outputs for an amplifier and headphones.

This is handy if you just want to noodle around on your guitar through your headphones while you are waiting for your flight!

It looks to have Grover tuners on the headstock but the official description of the guitar doesn’t explicitly say this.

All in all it is a compact, light design ready for the avid guitar player that may have to travel a lot for their day job.

The Agile Traveler is a nice little guitar for $225.

Check it out HERE.