Look No Further For A Great Les Paul Copy!

Agile AL-1900 Take a look around the internet guitar forums and you will find that Agile guitars by Rondomusic are considered one of the best Les Paul Copy guitars you can buy. The Al-1900 is the entry level Agile into the Les Paul copy world. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but you just want […]

The Grand Daddy Of Em All Agile Al-3200

Agile AL-3200 It seems like once you get an Agile guitar you can’t buy just one. Nevermind that Agile Al’s are Les Paul copies, they have almost become a legitimate brand that stands alone on their own. There is a definitely an Agile guitar cult following out there and it’s fun to be apart of that. So […]

Guitars For Sale

Looking for electric guitars for sale? Than I highly recommend checking out Rondomusic.com. If you want a quality built guitar but you don’t want to pay the uptick for the brand name on the guitar than you will probably find electric guitars for sale that will really surprise you. Rondomusic has been in the business for many years […]

Electric Guitars For Sale Under 100

Electric guitars for sale under 100 Sounds like a sweet deal right?  Be careful because you get what you pay for!  If you are looking for electric guitars for sale under 100 than most likely you are probably buying a guitar for a beginner.  This is a wise choice as it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on […]

What’s The Big Deal With Agile Guitars?

If you have been searching for a new guitar but are a little light on funds than you have probably come across the name Agile Guitars.  These guitars are raved about in online forums all over the internet because of what you get at a price that is fractions of what you would pay for […]

How To Clean Your Guitar

Time to Clean that Dirty Guitar! You have been playing like a madman for weeks on end and your guitar is soiled from your grimy fingers and sweat.  It’s time to clean that axe and get it looking shiny and new again. Keep that guitar looking tip-top. It’s a good idea to clean your  Agile […]

Agile Guitars Club – For The Thrifty Musician

Agile Guitars Club Are you a member of the club yet?  What is holding you back?  Is it the solid mahogany body, the Grover tuners, ¾” maple cap?  Or maybe it is the Alnico V pickups?  Or maybe it is that you can get one for $200-$500?  If it is that cheap it just can’t […]

Cheap Rondo Music Guitars

How Does Rondo Music Offer Guitars At Such Cheap Prices? Rondo Music After reading over many different posts and forums on the internet about Agile guitars there is one question that seems to come up over and over again.  That question is how are these guitars so cheap?  When you buy a guitar from Rondo Music, […]

Agile Septor

Agile Guitar Custom Orders

Agile Guitar Custom Orders Rondomusic Custom Shop is Open For The New Year. Rondomusic is now accepting deposits for Agile Guitar Custom Orders. This is your chance to get your custom made Agile guitar made with your specifications. Currently taking deposits for custom AL, Intrepid, Interceptor and Septor models. Target shipping date is July 2015! […]

Agile Al 2000

BYE BYE Agile AL-2000

Agile Al 2000Rondomusic will no longer be making the Agile AL-2000.  If you have ever thought of getting one or want another one DO IT NOW while supplies last!  Click here to get an AL 2000