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Look No Further For A Great Les Paul Copy!

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Agile AL-1900

Take a look around the internet guitar forums and you will find that Agile guitars by Rondomusic are considered one of the best Les Paul Copy guitars you can buy. The Al-1900 is the entry level Agile into the Les Paul copy world. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but you just want some good quality cheap guitars that play and look like a dream than

Rondomusic has the Les Paul copy you want.

You get die cast Gover 18 to 1 ratio tuners, wax potted ceramic humbucker pickups, a solid mahogany guitar body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, trapezoidal inlays and a stop-bar tailpiece transfers string vibration to the body of the guitar and produces superior sustain.

The Al-1900’s come in a variety of finishes from goldtop, tobacco sunburst, flametop, rootbeer to cherry sunburst. Fit and finish is top notch. From time to time Rondomusic even offers certain Al-1900’s with P90 pickups.

These Al’s range in price from around $200 to $225. Great guitars to just play around with or mod the heck out of if you want because they are such cheap guitars. There are plenty of guitar part sites and stores out there where you can purchase pickup upgrades, wiring upgrades and so forth if that is what you like doing.

Check out other Agile models at Rondomusic

The headstock of the Al-1900 is plain in terms of the detail on it. I have read on some forums about people saying that they replaced the nut on the guitar for better playability. Others talk about having the frets filed down. Personally, on my Al-1900 I haven’t done a single modification to it. For me, the guitar played fine right out of the box. I haven’t really noticed any issues with the nut or the frets. Full disclosure, I am not a professional guitar player, but I know what I like and this guitar just feels good to play, it stays in tune and the pickups sound pretty darn good!  Also if you click on any of the Rondomusic.com links on this site and buy a guitar I get a commission.  This is my way of making some extra cash so I can buy some more Agile’s!

As far as the finish of the guitar goes I really couldn’t see any deficiencies with my Al-1900.  The guitar looked beautiful and felt solid.  The lacquer is thick and shiny. With the goldtop I read that some people have said that the shade of gold is not quite to their liking when compared to a real Gibson.  When I look at my guitar I can kind of see what those people mean but it was only a couple hundred bucks and if you really don’t like it there are lots of different colors and finishes to choose from.

Do I have anything really negative to say about the Al-2000? Not really. Obviously it’s not a Gibson, but I would certainly put it up against some of the Epiphone’s. And besides, if you were in the market for a Gibson you wouldn’t be reading this right now.  These are just great Les Paul copy guitars.  I have had my Al-1900 for a couple of years now and I am still incredibly happy with it.

Check out the Agile Al-2500 here.

The Grand Daddy Of Em All Agile Al-3200

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les paul copyAgile AL-3200

It seems like once you get an Agile guitar you can’t buy just one. Nevermind that Agile Al’s are Les Paul copies, they have almost become a legitimate brand that stands alone on their own. There is a definitely an Agile guitar cult following out there and it’s fun to be apart of that.

So if you are anything like me once you get your first Agile you start to think about getting the crown jewel of Agile’s.  Thus I present to you the Agile Al-3200, the grand-daddy of the Agile Al line up.

Like the Al-3000, the 3200 is made of two pieces of center jointed solid Mahogany with a 1/16” AA grade Maple top.  The body binding is made of natural wood for a natural looking finish to the body of the guitar.  A single white binding is used on the neck of the guitar while the headstock has a triple white binding.

Pickups in the Al-3200 are Alnico V covered humbuckers that give off a warm and vibrant sound.  The guitars wiring is also improved with high voltage 500K pots and brass shafts to improve sound and reduce noise.  The three way pick up selector switch is also of higher quality than the switches used in the lower Al models.  On the Rondomusic.com site there is one place where it says the bridge and tail of the Al-3200 is also upgraded to die cast nickel Gotoh hardware but then in another area of the site it doesn’t mention this so make sure to confirm this before you buy.

Tuners are Grover’s with 18 to 1 turning ratio, die cast in a nickel finish so you can really fine tune the guitar.  The neck is a 5 piece maple/walnut neck-thru design.  The neck on the Al-3200 has a 350mm (13.7”) radius so it is great for fast playing.  It also has an adjustable truss rod.  The fingerboard is made of ebony and the inlays in the fingerboard are made of real Mother of Pearl.  Like any high end guitar each fret has been individually hand filed to give you the professional playability and feel.  If that wasn’t enough the guitar also comes with a professionally cut Graph Tec nut.  My Al-2000 stays in tune really well but this thing must be bullet proof when it comes to staying in tune.

From time to time Rondomusic.com offers you the ability to semi-customize the guitar you want. If you check the site sometimes you can get an Al-3200 that comes with a special heal and body contour. What this means is that there is a special tummy cut on the back of the guitar to give that extra comfort. The craftsmanship has been taken even a step further as the neck also is contoured to improve access to the higher frets so you can really get up the neck easily for the high-notes.

I think you could put this guitar up against guitar’s that cost a lot more and it would hold it’s own without question.

Guitars For Sale

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Looking for electric guitars for sale? Than I highly recommend checking out Rondomusic.com. If you want a quality built guitar but you don’t want to pay the uptick for the brand name on the guitar than you will probably find electric guitars for sale that will really surprise you. Rondomusic has been in the business for many years and direct ship electric guitars to the consumer through their website.

Find Electric Guitars For Sale at Rondomusic

Rondomusic offers a variety of copy guitars. What that means is whether it’s a Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul or some other brand name guitar that you are after but maybe just can’t afford (let’s face it, you want to get the real mccoy but it is so EXPENSIVE) than you will probably find a guitar that looks exactly like the guitar you want to get except for some unoticable minor difference. They also make a lot of other guitars and you get a good quality guitar for a fraction of the price you would pay no matter what guitar you are after. I know because I own one!

Rondomusic makes a variety of lines of guitars

• SX Guitars

• Douglas Guitars

• Agile Guitars

The SX guitars usually go from anywhere from $100 to $150. Douglas guitars range in price from about $120 to $199. Agile guitars start out at around $200 up to $600. And if six strings is not enough the Agile line of guitars by Rondomusic also offers 7,8,9 and 12 string guitars.

Electric Guitars For Sale Under 100

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Electric guitars for sale under 100

Sounds like a sweet deal right?  Be careful because you get what you pay for!  If you are looking for electric guitars for sale under 100 than most likely you are probably buying a guitar for a beginner.  This is a wise choice as it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a guitar until you know it is something you or the person you are buying it for is going to stick with it.

The problem we have seen most with electric guitars for sale under 100 dollars, is that they are cheaply made and not necessarily easy to play.  This can ruin the appeal of learning guitar for the budding guitar player before they even really get started.

The question we asked ourselves is are there any decent electric guitars for sale under 100 that will be a great deal yet still be of satisfactory quality and playability to allow the budding guitarist to excel beyond the beginner levels.

Besides the the electric guitars for sale under 100 that one sees available at the local Walmart or Costco are there other options?  Personally, we like the electric guitars under 100 that Rondomusic.com has to offer.

We purchased one of their Agile al-2000 guitars and couldn’t believe the incredible quality and playability we got for the price of around $200.  Now we know that the purpose of this article is not $200 guitars but electric guitars under 100.  If one looks at Rondomusic.com and clicks on the tab that says ‘electric guitars’ you will see they have a wide array of electric guitars for sale under 100.

We haven’t played any of these guitars but if judging by how much we like one of their $200 electric guitars we think one of their guitars for under 100 will be just fine.  In addition, much of the feedback on these guitars we have read about on the internet has been quite positive.

Most of these electric guitars for sale under 100 that Rondomusic.com offers have some pretty impressive features that you can read about on their site.  For example many of their guitars come with Grover tuners so you know that they are likely to say in tune which is a big factor in the beginner guitarists enjoyment of playing guitar.

Based on our experience with Rondomusic we feel very comfortable recommending any of their guitars.  We are really satisfied with the one we bought, especially for the price we paid!  Check out Rondomusic.

What’s The Big Deal With Agile Guitars?

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Best Agile Guitars On Sale

Best Agile Guitars On Sale

If you have been searching for a new guitar but are a little light on funds than you have probably come across the name Agile Guitars.  These guitars are raved about in online forums all over the internet because of what you get at a price that is fractions of what you would pay for other mainstream name brand guitars.

As far as can be seen Agile guitars goes after two market niches, guitarists looking for an affordable 7,8 or 9 string guitar and guitarists looking for a Les Paul style guitar.   So basically an Agile guitar is for the shredder that can’t afford a Les Paul.   As one commenter of a video about Agile AL Guitars put it, “wife + kids = Agile”.


Now that is not to say that Agile guitars are not quality guitars and it’s not only married men with kids that are buying them, quite the contrary in fact.  These guitars are very good quality and this is one of the reasons why they get such good reviews from people that buy an Agile.  If the guitars were not great playing guitars than the majority of the reviews by people who have bought one would indicate that.  In fact Agile guitars come with some very attractive features such as solid mahogany bodies, Grover tuners, Graph Tech nuts, high voltage wiring, Floyd Rose and Kahler tremolo and with many of the 7, 8 and 9 strings the guitar is a neck through body construction which provides great sustain and keeps the guitar in tune longer.  Many of the Agile guitar models are offered with Alnico pickups but certain models even have EMG or Seymour Duncan pickups.  At certain times of the year you can even custom order an Agile guitar with the specific features that you want it to have.


It is great and all that Agile guitars have all the great features we have discussed, are great quality and get a lot of positive reviews online but that is only one part of what makes an Agile guitar something to consider if you are in the market for a guitar.  The other piece of the equation that makes so many people rave about these guitars is that all the features and quality are offered at a very affordable price.  What is an affordable price you ask?  Well sometimes $100’s or even $1000s less than the competition, which begs the question how can so much be offered at such a low price?  For one the guitars are built in South Korea yet that is not much different than many other guitar manufacturers.  The real difference may be that Agile guitars can only be bought online so basically it is a direct sale.  There is no middleman, distribution house or end retailer and all the price markups that go along with that.


If you are in the market for a new guitar and you are on a budget or maybe you just like saving money than an Agile guitar is something worth checking out as you get a lot of bang for your buck.

How To Clean Your Guitar

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How To Clean Your Guitar

Time to Clean that Dirty Guitar!

You have been playing like a madman for weeks on end and your guitar is soiled from your grimy fingers and sweat.  It’s time to clean that axe and get it looking shiny and new again.

Keep that guitar looking tip-top.

It’s a good idea to clean your  Agile Guitar on a regular basis.  You want to remove all the dirt and finger jam from the fretboard and keep the finish looking nice and clean.

Dealing with he Dirt

The dirt has got to go.  Even if you don’t play much the guitar just like furniture has a way of attracting dust from the air nevermind the dirt from your fingers.  Dust is easy enough to get rid off.  Just use a cloth to wipe it away.  The dirt however is another story especially when it mixes with the sweat and oils from your fingers.  It can get all gnarly and become hard to remove with just a cloth.

You can use a cloth, chamois or microfiber cloth to clean.  Start by cleaning the strings.  The strings actually can get coated with the oils from your fingers and get pretty funky.  If you are really anal you may want to wipe down the strings after every time you play.

Next you can loosen the strings so you can really wipe down the fingerboard and remove any gunk that has collected on the frets.  This might be a good time to get some mineral spirits or fingerboard oil.  Put some on your cloth and then wipe down the fingerboard to keep the wood hydrated.

Happy Hardware

Most guitars have gold or chrome looking hardware.  While you are at it cleaning the fretboard and neck go ahead and wipe down the hardware to get the fingerprints off and make it look nice and shiny.

The Mirror Finish

One of the best things about Agile Guitars is they are pretty to look at.  The finish on the guitar is usually so glossy that you can see your reflection in it.  First take the time to wipe all the dust off and then you might need a damp cloth to wipe off the fingermarks.  Make sure you don’t leave any residual moisture on the guitar finish from the damp cloth.  To prevent this use a dry cloth and wipe down the guitar again to make sure there is no residual moisture.

Voila! The guitar is clean!  Now just make this a weekly ritual and you will always have a clean guitar.

If you are looking for a quality guitar this is affordable then check out the info about Agile Guitars at electricguitarcity.com.

Agile Guitars Club – For The Thrifty Musician

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Agile Guitars Club

Agile Guitars Club

Agile Guitars Club

Are you a member of the club yet?  What is holding you back?  Is it the solid mahogany body, the Grover tuners, ¾” maple cap?  Or maybe it is the Alnico V pickups?  Or maybe it is that you can get one for $200-$500?  If it is that cheap it just can’t be good right!  Perhaps it is because it has got the name “Agile” on it.  Is “Agile” a name that can be trusted? What’s the angle here, what’s the rub?  You really want to join the Agile Guitar Club and everything is telling you to do it but you just can’t.


The good news is that more and more people are overcoming their fears and taking the plunge to become members of the Agile Guitars Club.  Once they ‘let go’ and give into their desires to buy an Agile guitar they wonder what took them so long!  After all it is cool to be thrifty and there is nothing wrong with it.  Besides you will have a stellar Agile guitar that your friends will drool over.  They will pick it up and play it and think to themselves, “this guy must have spent thousands on this guitar!”.


Yes, that is what they might think and whether you tell them how much your Agile guitar cost is up to you but on thing we know is whether they know how much it cost or not after they play it they will want one!


You have to hand it to the Koreans…they make some fabulous guitars!  Agile Guitars offers some great six string guitars but that is not all they are known for.  In addition to great Les Paul style six string guitars Agile guitars also makes some really quality seven string, eight string and nine string guitars.  In fact, there is a whole culture that has developed online around Agile seven, eight and nine string guitars.  The feedback about these guitars is really positive.  The thing that people really rave about is the quality of the guitars that Agile makes and the very affordable prices at which these quality guitars are offered.  Really an argument can be made that Agile Guitars are becoming the new leaders in the guitar world based on how much their guitars offer at a very low price point.  This is mostly due to the direct sales model that Agile guitars use to distribute their guitars directly to the consumer.


So if you have been thinking about buying an Agile Guitars and joining the Agile Guitars Club…you know, the one for the thrifty musician…then do it.  Do it and with the money you save go buy yourself that kick ass amp you have had your eye on!

Cheap Rondo Music Guitars

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How Does Rondo Music Offer Guitars At Such Cheap Prices?

Rondo Music

Rondo Music

After reading over many different posts and forums on the internet about Agile guitars there is one question that seems to come up over and over again.  That question is how are these guitars so cheap?  When you buy a guitar from Rondo Music, especially an Agile, and assuming that you have done your research and compared with other guitars, one of the first thoughts that goes through your mind when you get your hands on the guitar for the first time is how do they make this for so cheap?  You know a similar guitar at a music store is usually twice as much!

How Are These Guitars So Cheap:

Well we thought we would take a stab at answering the question of “How does Rondo Music offer these guitars so cheap?”.  Before we get started let us just state that the following is pure speculation on our part.  However, we do know a little bit about retail vs wholesale pricing and distribution and such that we feel that our speculations could be very plausible.  Again, we haven’t talked to Rondo Music about this so these are just our own musings on the subject so take them at that.

Here’s what we know:

Rondo Music makes the Agile line of guitars.  Presumeably, they have a supplier offshore (Korea) that makes the guitars to Rondo Music’s specifications.  Rondo Music is the only place we know of that you can buy Agile guitars so they are the direct seller of these guitars.

How The Retail Industry Works:

Now if you know anything about how goods are priced than you can probably figure out why these guitars are cheaper.  Usually a product is created by a company.  Either the company invests and manufactures the product themselves or they have a supplier make the product for them.  This first step obviously costs some money so it would be fair to say that it costs the company that makes the product x amount of dollars to create one of the product.  Usually, what happens next is the company that makes the product needs a distribution company to get that product into different stores.  The distribution company usually buys the product from the company that created the product at a marked up price.  The distribution company than sells the product to a store at a marked up price from what they bought it at.  This is usually the wholesale price.  The store sells the product to the consumer at the retail price which is higher than the wholesale price.  Everyone makes money along the way.  Many times a product would be marked up at least 100% every step of the way.

Rondo Music

Rondo Music

So let’s say that a company could make a guitar for $100 dollars.  If they used a distribution company the distribution company would buy that guitar for $200.  The distribution company would sell that guitar to a music store for $400 and the music store would sell the guitar to you the consumer for $800.

In some industries like clothing the markups are much higher than in this scenario.  Does a $400 pair of jeans really cost anywhere near that to make?  Probably not.

The Rondo Music Way:

The great thing about Rondo Music is that they are direct sellers.  This eliminates two steps of marking up the price.  So if we use our above numbers the guitar that it costs $100 to make would only cost you $200.

We are guessing that’s how Rondo Music offers their guitars so cheap.  Does your $200 Agile al2000 stack up to a similar guitar that is $800?  We will leave that up to you.

You also have to take into account what price the market will bear.  The appeal the of the Agile guitars is that they are such great quality at very affordable prices.  Probably not as many people would buy them if the price wasn’t so great.  Instead they may be more likely to buy a different brand of guitar if the prices were comparable.  From that standpoint Rondo Music really has a great business plan to fill a specific niche of the electric guitar market at a specific price point.

We are guessing Rondo Music does quite well with this business model.


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Agile Septor

Agile Guitar Custom Orders

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Agile Guitar Custom Orders

Rondomusic Custom Shop is Open For The New Year.

Rondomusic is now accepting deposits for Agile Guitar Custom Orders.

This is your chance to get your custom made Agile guitar made with your specifications.

Currently taking deposits for custom AL, Intrepid, Interceptor and Septor models.

Target shipping date is July 2015!