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Union Jack Strat

Union Jack Strat

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Union Jack Strat – The Brits Are Invading Again

Union Jack Strat

The British invasion was a great time in rock’n’roll history.  I must confess that sometimes when looking at guitars sometimes they all seem to start looking the same.  You can only have so many quilted or flamed tops.  Although the majority of them are all beautiful I find myself wanting something more unique.

Now, I am sure some of you will say, the union jack on a guitar is not really that unique and I would agree with you.  However, to me it still is something that you don’t see everyday.  In fact I don’t know anybody in my circles that has one.  So if you want to be somewhat unique, then owning a guitar with a union jack on it may fit the bill.

Enter The Hadean EG-462 Flag Antiquity

Hadean EG-462So right now you can pick up the Hadean EG-462 Flag Antiquity at Rondo music.  Now I am not sure how Rondo comes up with the names of the guitars they sell but let’s just call it the union jack strat from now on to make things easier.

Obviously what stands out about this guitar, and why you would buy it, is because it has the union jack on it, nobody else you know has one and you would be “that guy” with the union jack strat.

The other reason you would buy this guitar is because is because it has got that vintage look to it but it is actually new.  This union jack strat has a solid basswood body not crappy plywood.  The guitar comes with 3 powerful single coil pickups.  The neck is made of maple and the fretboard is made of rosewood.

The neck does have an adjustable truss rod so you can fine tune the playability and action of this guitar.  Capping it off is a vintage fulcrum bridge with tremolo and 6 adjustable saddles.

This is a great guitar for the beginner or intermediate or if you just want a cool guitar that you can take with you and not worry too much about it getting a scratch or scuff.

So those are a couple of reasons to buy this guitar but those are not the only reasons.  Really it is not just the two reasons mentioned to buy this guitar that make it worth considering.  There is actually a trifecta of reasons.

The last reason to make up the trifecta is the price.

If you want to know that then check it out HERE

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Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale

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Looking For A Cheap Acoustic Guitar To Take With You On The Go? – Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale

If you have all the electric guitars you can handle and need to ‘bring the room down’ so to speak than maybe it’s time to get a nice acoustic guitar(Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale). Sometimes you just want to noodle around on your guitar while you are watching TV or something. An acoustic is nice because you don’t have to worry about plugging into an amp if you don’t want to (if you have an acoustic electric).

What Should You Look For?:

If you are looking for cheap acoustic guitars for sale than you want to make sure you find a manufacturer that isn’t going to just take your money and give you a piece of junk guitar.  You want that guitar to be made decently well, stay in tune and be playable.

For me I would categorize a cheap acoustic guitar(Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale) as anything around $250.  You might be asking what can I get for under that amount of money?  If you look, you can easily find guitars for as low as $50 but like I mentioned above you want to make sure it is not a piece of junk.

What’s The Price?:

I think you can get many very playable guitars for under $250.  Now they are not going to play like a Martin but they will stay in tune, sound decent and be perfect for just fooling around on.

Some of the more well known guitar companies make some very nice guitars at this price point. You may want to check out Takamine, Yamaha and Alvarez to name a few as they make some excellent cheap acoustic guitars in this price range.  You may also want to check out Rondomusic as they not only make some great cheap electric guitars, but they also make some excellent cheap acoustic guitars.

Take a look at the cheap acoustic guitars Rondomusic has to offer – Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale :

Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale

Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale

You can get a nice acoustic electric dreadnought style guitar with cutaway for easier access to those high notes for just over $100.  This is the SX Mentor S CE Sunburst model.  It has a solid top made of spruce with rosewood for the fingerboard.   The bridge is a professional push pin style bridge also made of rosewood.  The back and sides of the guitar are made of basswood.

Die cast gold tuners and Graph Tech NuBone saddle finish it off.  The guitar also has a 4 band EQ with built in digital tuner and LCD display with LED tuning indicators.  It’s a nice little setup for just over a hundred bucks.

Check out other cheap acoustic guitars at Rondomusic.

If you want something even cheaper or you are looking for a cheap classical guitar than Rondomusic has a lot of other guitars to fit the bill that you can check out on their site.  I confess I haven’t played any of their really cheap acoustic guitars(Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale) so if you end up buying one please share and let us all know what you think!

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