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Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale That Are Great Value!

By January 29, 2016Agile Guitars

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale That Are Great Value!

Agile Al-2500

 There is something about the Les Paul electric guitar that just looks right to me.

I don’t know what it is but it just speaks rock’n’roll!

An Al-1900 may be just right for you or maybe you want something a little more, with a few more bells and whistles so to speak.

The Al-2500 is a step up from the Al-1900 but is still one of the best cheap electric guitars.  The Al-2500 has a solid two piece mahogany body.  The top of the body is 1/16″ A grade Maple with a single white binding on the body, neck and headstock. The guitar comes pre-strung with GHS .010 – .046 gauge strings. Play‘em till you need to change‘em or swap them out for your preferred gauge and brand of strings. Either way it’s a setup to sound good and look pretty!

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Best 7 String Guitar

Best 7 String Guitar

The pickups are standard ceramic wax potted humbuckers so they don’t buzz.  The pickups are usually covered with either nickel or gold covers.

The tuners are Groverswth 18 to 1 ratio.  The neck is made of two piece set Canadian Maple and the fingerboard is Indian Rosewood for improved play ability whereas the Al-2000 fingerboard is just standard Rosewood.

Finally, the guitar is finished off with Pearloid inlays on the fingerboard, a graphite nut and dual action trus rod. The bridge and tail come in either die cast chrome or gold depending on the guitar.

A pretty sweet setup all in all.

Head over to Rondomusic.com find an Al-2500 and check out the price.  You won’t be disappointed!

In fact, I just checked and you can even get an Al-2500 with a Bigsby Tremolo setup at the time I am writing this.  Not sure if it will still be offered when you read this but Rondomusic is always offering their guitars with different goodies like that on them.

At certain times you can even order custom guitars so you can choose the different options you want and have a guitar made to your specifications.

Choose the color, neck profile, inlays, fretboard material, pickups, hardware and color of body binding. If you are in need of a left-handed agile guitar you can choose that too!

I really like the Al-2500’s because they are made with a bit better materials than the Al-1900 and I like the look of the single white binding on the headstock over the plain head of the Al-1900.

What can I say, I appreciate the little details and there is something to me about the binding on the head that just completes the guitar.  These are great cheap electric guitars for sale.

Check out the Agile Al-3000 here.