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Cheap Electric Guitars

By September 1, 2011Agile Guitars
Cheap electric guitars

Cheap electric guitarsCheap electric guitars.  Usually when one imagines cheap electric guitars the first thing that comes to mind is a piece of junk that warrants the term cheap electric guitar.  You get what you pay for right?  If you want to get a decent quality guitar than be prepared to pay for it.

What you might think is a cheap electric guitar is also relative to what you think is a lot of money or what isn’t a lot of money.  For some people a guitar that costs a couple of hundred bucks might be considered expensive while for others that may be considered cheap.  For our money, and after researching various different guitars, we would say a guitar that is a couple of hundred bucks falls into the category of a cheap electric guitar.

Now the term cheap electric guitar can mean different things.  That couple hundred bucks you want to spend on a cheap electric guitar can really get you a hunk’o’junk.  In that case you just wasted a couple hundred bucks.  If you do your homework and really research, that couple hundred bucks can get you a cheap electric guitar that is really great quality and value for the money.  In that case you made a wise decision and can feel good about getting a really good guitar for the money.  Both guitars are cheap electric guitars but both give the term cheap electric guitar a vastly different meaning.

How Do You Find A Good Cheap Electric Guitar?

The secret here is to research.  The internet is a good place to start.  What are others saying about the guitar that you are thinking of buying?  That is what attracted us to the Agile Guitars.  We wanted a Les Paul copy that was a cheap electric guitar but wasn’t just another cheap electric guitar if you know what we mean!  Agile Guitars kept coming up in the forums and websites that we visited so we checked them out.  Unfortunately, you can’t go to your local music store and try out an Agile before you buy it so we had to go by what the masses were saying on the guitar forums.  The comments we kept coming across were very positive and the price was better than anything we could find at the local music stores for something comparable.

We bought the guitar and like all the reviews we read before making the purchase we were really impressed when we got it.  The guitar looks great, sounds great, is easy to play and is very suitable for all types of players whether beginner, intermediate or above.  The guitar stays in tune and is finished nicely.  We noticed some people talking in their reviews about the pickups.  For the couple hundred bucks we spent on the guitar we think they sound awesome!!  Seriously, the pickups are decent and actually sound pretty good.  For the average player the pickups are more than adequate.  The more technical and advanced player may want to change pickups but we have read many that have just left them as is.  Some of the different Agile guitars even come with EMG’s and Seymour Duncan’s at still really reasonable prices so it is worth checking out.

So hopefully this little write up of ours has helped you if you are looking for a good value cheap electric guitar.  We would definitly recommend Agile guitars based on our own experience with the Agile guitar we have.  Check them out.



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