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pedal case

Part of the fun of getting into playing guitar is getting all the gear that goes along with it.  Of course there is the guitars, the amps, the straps, picks,  and the pedals.  Collecting an arsenal of pedals can become an addiction to some guitarists.

Any guitarist that has a collection of even a few pedals knows that eventually things can get messy and you need to find a place to put all of them.  This is where you will need a case for your pedals.  Now a pedal case is nice to have but the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on a pedal case.

Check out these cheap guitar pedal cases.  These pedal cases are sturdy, well built and won’t cost a lot of money.  They come in all shapes and sizes and cost from $20 to $100!

These cases are made of lightweight aluminum and most of them will fit a variety of pedals.  The edges of the cases are reinforced with steel so they won’t dent easily.  The interior is finished with a felt material to protect the pedals you put inside.  The lid is removable for easy access to the pedals when you are at gigs.  Lastly the locking latches are made of steel and come with 2 keys so you have a backup in case you lose one.

One other nice thing is that many of the cases are small enough that they could qualify as carry-on luggage if you are flying from gig to gig.

The cases are offered by the same guys that make Agile Guitars.  If any of you are familiar with Agile Guitars you know that they are some of the best made and most affordable guitars out there.  If you are not familiar with Agile Guitars do yourself a favor and go over to electricguitarcity.com to check them out and get all the latest info on Agile Guitars.

As for the cases, well a cases is a case.  As long as it is made well with quality materials and will protect your stuff then why not try and save a few bucks on one.  Instead put that saved money towards something else like some new strings, a new strap, some picks or start saving towards that new guitar, or amp, or new effects pedal now that you have a nice case to keep them all organized in.

Check out the guitar pedal cases HERE.