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Check It! Agile Harm!

Agile Harm 2TS P90

Agile Al Harm

If you are looking for a guitar that not everyone else is going to have, that will set you apart from all the other locksmith’s out there than check out the Agile Harm 1 2TS P90!

Our first impression is that this guitar is beautiful!  It’s just go that certain look to it.

Okay enough drooling!  Rondomusic has taken into account all your suggestions and somewhat retooled this guitar with a new design.  The top is Maple with a semi hollow Mahogany body.

The pickups on this Agile, as if there was any other choice, are P90s for that bright traditional sounds.

The tuners are standard Grovers and there is a cream binding that goes around the beautiful sunburst finish.  The fretboard is ebony and the fret markers are positioned on the side of the neck.

This guitar has a real vintage feel and look to it.  We think it is one of Agile Guitars finest looking guitars.  The guitar is just pretty to look at!

So what can we say…we want one!  In all seriousness though, as with all Agile guitars this guitar is great value for the money and you can almost be guaranteed that you would pay a lot more money for a similar name brand guitar.

That is why we think Agile guitars are really the best deals out there for those of us that are not in the market for a premium name brand guitar.

Heck sometimes it’s more fun to buy a couple guitars for the price instead of just one super expensive guitars.  At any rate, don’t think a person can go wrong with the Agile Harm 2TS P90.  Rock on!

See the Agile Harm 1 2TS P90.


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  • guitar center hgn says:

    I have pre-update Agile Harm. Really solid guitar for the price. I would love to get my hands on one of these new ones though!

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