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Custom Built Guitars

By November 14, 2015Agile Guitars

Ever Wanted a Custom Built Guitar But Could’nt Afford One?

Well here is the next best thing.  We have found where you can get mass produced Guitars that you can have customized to your specifications at a pretty affordable price.  And by affordable we mean a great deal!

Custom Built Guitars

Custom Built Guitars

Have you checked out the custom shop at Rondomusic?  If you haven’t you definitely should. They have different Agile Guitar models they offer that you can get in all sorts of customized variations.


Check The Custom Shop HERE

Know the guitars that  are available in the custom shop change depending on the time of year but at the time of this writing there is quite a selection to choose from.  In the Agile lineup you can are currently in luck if you would like to get a custom AL, Intrepid, Interceptor, Septor, ST or TC, Hornet/Reaper or Agile Harm.


It’s actually pretty cool because you get to choose everything exactly how you want it.  It would kind of be like ordering a new car with the exact options that you want.  You would be amazed at all the options you actually get to choose for a guitar.


The Rondo custom shop allows you to choose your guitars headstock finish, headstock binding, neck construction, neck material, neck shape, fretboard material, fretboard radius, fretboard inlay, fretboard inlay material, frets material, neck binding, number of frets, how many strings, scale, body shape, body material, top material and finish, body binding, body binding rear of body, pickups, electronics, pickgaurd, bridge, hardware, plastics color, knob color, guitar color, guitar finish and lastly what hand the guitar will be.  Out of breath yet?


Essentially even though you are still buying a mass produced guitar once you choose your specific options that you want it to have you probably have a guitar that is very unique and may even be one of a kind.

Septor Pro 827 Custom Built Guitars

Septor Pro 827 Custom Built Guitars

Usually once you order there is a wait time until the guitar is shipped.  For instance, if you order now you will be taking delivery of your guitar in April of 2016.  You know how the saying goes that anything worth having is worth waiting for or something like that.  Just look at it this way, it will be even that much more worth it when that custom guitar actually arrives.


Check it out the custom shop.  The prices are very reasonable for a customized Agile Guitars.