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Electric Guitars For Sale Under 100

By June 11, 2016All

Electric guitars for sale under 100

Sounds like a sweet deal right?  Be careful because you get what you pay for!  If you are looking for electric guitars for sale under 100 than most likely you are probably buying a guitar for a beginner.  This is a wise choice as it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a guitar until you know it is something you or the person you are buying it for is going to stick with it.

The problem we have seen most with electric guitars for sale under 100 dollars, is that they are cheaply made and not necessarily easy to play.  This can ruin the appeal of learning guitar for the budding guitar player before they even really get started.

The question we asked ourselves is are there any decent electric guitars for sale under 100 that will be a great deal yet still be of satisfactory quality and playability to allow the budding guitarist to excel beyond the beginner levels.

Besides the the electric guitars for sale under 100 that one sees available at the local Walmart or Costco are there other options?  Personally, we like the electric guitars under 100 that Rondomusic.com has to offer.

We purchased one of their Agile al-2000 guitars and couldn’t believe the incredible quality and playability we got for the price of around $200.  Now we know that the purpose of this article is not $200 guitars but electric guitars under 100.  If one looks at Rondomusic.com and clicks on the tab that says ‘electric guitars’ you will see they have a wide array of electric guitars for sale under 100.

We haven’t played any of these guitars but if judging by how much we like one of their $200 electric guitars we think one of their guitars for under 100 will be just fine.  In addition, much of the feedback on these guitars we have read about on the internet has been quite positive.

Most of these electric guitars for sale under 100 that Rondomusic.com offers have some pretty impressive features that you can read about on their site.  For example many of their guitars come with Grover tuners so you know that they are likely to say in tune which is a big factor in the beginner guitarists enjoyment of playing guitar.

Based on our experience with Rondomusic we feel very comfortable recommending any of their guitars.  We are really satisfied with the one we bought, especially for the price we paid!  Check out Rondomusic.


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