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3 Good Cheap Guitars that are easy on your wallet.

“Got no money and you got no car, then it’s time to buy a good cheap guitar!”

Alright some of you might recognize that line from Young MC’s “Bust a move” and you’ll also recognize that we changed the last part of that line also, but it’s all in the name of a little fun.

good cheap guitars

Let’s get right to the chase.  You are looking for good Cheap Agile Guitars.  Doesn’t matter the reason, good cheap guitars is what you are in the market for right now so let’s get to it!


Enter Agile and SX Guitars

Here is a little bit of background before we unleash our 3 picks.  If you haven’t already heard of Agile and SX guitars before, than check out the rest of our site to learn all about Agile Guitars.  They are very good quality guitars offered at very affordable prices.  We don’t feel there is any reason to hesitate to buy one.


Agile AL 2500

Now Rondo Music does offer the Agile AL in a 1900 model also but we feel if you are really looking for a good cheap guitar than the Agile AL 2500 is the way to go.  We know the AL 1900 is cheaper but we feel that what you get in the AL 2500 for only $20 extra more than justifies the additional cost.  It’s only $20 more and is a no brainer.  There is no reason to buy the AL 1900.  You are better off just getting the AL 2500 so you get a set neck guitar instead of a bolt on neck.  They are very well made and are great value for the money.  Check out a bunch of them HERE.


SX Furrian

Great value guitar at under $200!  If you are looking for a Telecaster style guitar than check out the SX Furrian.  Lots of great features, well built and constructed and a very cheap price for this guitar.  The SX Furrian is a new old guitar made by Rondo Music.  Rondo stopped making them for awhile and now has brought them back into production which is great for those of us looking for a quality cheap guitar.  To see the specs and info about this guitar go HERE.


Agile Septor 727

We thought for the last guitar we picked we would include a 7 string guitar.  Lot’s of players are really interested in 7 string guitars for all the metal and speed metal they are learning to play and some of those 7 strings guitars are hella expensive!  Again with the Agile Septor you have a well made guitar with some great features that is offered in the $300 range.  The Septor is a quality, affordable instrument that in many cases would cost you a lot more if you bought a comparable guitar in a store.  Check out this one HERE.


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How Come These Guitars Are So Cheap?


Simple!  Rondo Music sells these guitars direct.  There is no middle-man mark up so you save a ton of money.