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The Grand Daddy Of Em All Agile Al-3200

By June 11, 2016All

les paul copyAgile AL-3200

It seems like once you get an Agile guitar you can’t buy just one. Nevermind that Agile Al’s are Les Paul copies, they have almost become a legitimate brand that stands alone on their own. There is a definitely an Agile guitar cult following out there and it’s fun to be apart of that.

So if you are anything like me once you get your first Agile you start to think about getting the crown jewel of Agile’s.  Thus I present to you the Agile Al-3200, the grand-daddy of the Agile Al line up.

Like the Al-3000, the 3200 is made of two pieces of center jointed solid Mahogany with a 1/16” AA grade Maple top.  The body binding is made of natural wood for a natural looking finish to the body of the guitar.  A single white binding is used on the neck of the guitar while the headstock has a triple white binding.

Pickups in the Al-3200 are Alnico V covered humbuckers that give off a warm and vibrant sound.  The guitars wiring is also improved with high voltage 500K pots and brass shafts to improve sound and reduce noise.  The three way pick up selector switch is also of higher quality than the switches used in the lower Al models.  On the Rondomusic.com site there is one place where it says the bridge and tail of the Al-3200 is also upgraded to die cast nickel Gotoh hardware but then in another area of the site it doesn’t mention this so make sure to confirm this before you buy.

Tuners are Grover’s with 18 to 1 turning ratio, die cast in a nickel finish so you can really fine tune the guitar.  The neck is a 5 piece maple/walnut neck-thru design.  The neck on the Al-3200 has a 350mm (13.7”) radius so it is great for fast playing.  It also has an adjustable truss rod.  The fingerboard is made of ebony and the inlays in the fingerboard are made of real Mother of Pearl.  Like any high end guitar each fret has been individually hand filed to give you the professional playability and feel.  If that wasn’t enough the guitar also comes with a professionally cut Graph Tec nut.  My Al-2000 stays in tune really well but this thing must be bullet proof when it comes to staying in tune.

From time to time Rondomusic.com offers you the ability to semi-customize the guitar you want. If you check the site sometimes you can get an Al-3200 that comes with a special heal and body contour. What this means is that there is a special tummy cut on the back of the guitar to give that extra comfort. The craftsmanship has been taken even a step further as the neck also is contoured to improve access to the higher frets so you can really get up the neck easily for the high-notes.

I think you could put this guitar up against guitar’s that cost a lot more and it would hold it’s own without question.


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