Great Deals Rondomusic

No Sales Tax On Any Item Shipped Anywhere In The USA!

Great Deals Rondomusic!

For you guys out there that sometimes need to stretch a little to get that next guitar, especially Agile 7 string and Agile 8 string guitars, Rondomusic has really stepped up to the plate to give you some great deals Rondomusic.

What Has Rondomusic Done?

To make it easier, and a little less tough on your wallet, to get a new guitar in your hands, you don’t have to pay sales tax on any item shipped anywhere in the USA that Rondomusic sells.

On smaller items it is not such a big deal as they don’t cost much and the sales tax charged won’t be that much in the first place.  Still it is always nice to save a few bucks!

Where you will really notice this difference is in the higher priced items, especially the 7,8, and 9 string Agile guitars.  Depending on your state the 5 to 10% sales tax that you don’t have to pay can really give you a nice savings!

When you combine this with all the great deals at Rondomusic then you can save even more money.

Pro Tip

If you are thinking of pickup up a guitar than check out all the Agile guitars or check out the sales items to save even more money.