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Guitarists We Like: Slash

By June 18, 2011All

It’s no seslashcret that we love Les Paul guitars over here at electricguitarcity.com.  We think our love of Les Paul’s can be traced back to our fascination with Slash of G’n’R and Velvet Revolver fame.   The first guitarist we ever really dug was Eddie Van Halen (which we will talk about in another post) but when Slash came along there was just something about his playing that we connected with.  This probably had something to do with the fact that we couldn’t play and never would be able to play as fast as EVH.   Slash showed us that he could play not too fast and still make it sound powerful and sexy.  And the guitar…that Les Paul…there was something about it that we just connected with.  The bluesy harsh sounds that came from Slash’s fingers through the guitar to the amplifier brought about something primal within us.Agile AL 3200

Slash really is an amazing guitarist in our books.  We know some critics would argue but there is just something about his playing that is…well…attainable.  His playing doesn’t seem totally out of reach to us guitar mortals.    Unfortunately, owning a Gibson Slash signature Les Paul is out of reach for most of us guitar mortals.  We checked and as it turns out even owning an Epiphone Slash signature Les Paul is out of reach for most of us guitar mortals (Check out the link at the bottom of this post)

As it turns out we uncovered some interesting information about Slash and his very first guitars (before he became famous and had money) by watching some video interviews.  His very first Les Paul guitars weren’t genuine Les Paul’s at all.  Back when he was just a guitar mortal he was playing Les Paul copies just like us!  So as it turns out it’s okay for us guitar mortals who can’t afford a real Les Paul to play a much cheaper Les Paul Copy.  And the good news is there are some very good quality Les Paul copies out there!

Check out this Agile Al series Les Paul copy.  It’s a fraction of the price of a real Les Paul but make no mistake, it is not a cheap electric guitar.  It is a great value for the money and as we like to say a quality guitar for a cheap price!




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