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Guitars for Sale Cheap

By February 9, 2016Agile Guitars

3 Guitars that are killer, but won’t kill your wallet! – Guitars for Sale

Guitars for sale cheap.

Guitars…they are fun to have.  It is even better to have a collection of them.  For some guys it can become a problem.

The sky is the limit as far as what you can spend on a guitar these days.

In many cases many of the vintage and high end guitars can cost you as much as a car!

The age old question of guitar or car?  What would you choose?  The guitar player would have a real hard time choosing.

However, thankfully there are lots of really quality guitars out there that we can consider “cheap” when we stack them up against other vintage guitars.

Yes it is nice to have a vintage guitar but it is also nice to have money to make your house payment and other stuff.

Here are 3 Agile Guitars offered by Agile that we think are killer deals and are good representative for “guitars for sale cheap”.


Agile AL-2500

Guitars for Sale

Guitars for Sale

If you have got around $200 – $300 in your budget to buy a new guitar and are looking for a 6 string than do yourself a favour and go buy an Agile AL-2500.

That value for the money on this guitar is really quite astounding.  The guitar is a solid mahogany body with maple top.  It has a set neck with dual adjustable truss rod, grover tuners, binding around the body, neck and headstock, ceramic humbucker pickups that actually sound very decent, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard.

This guitar holds it’s own with guitars that are 2 to 3X as much.  There are lots of online reviews raving about them so if you are hesitant on pulling the trigger on one of these don’t be.  They are very well made, very playable and for sale cheap!

Check out the Agile AL-2500 HERE!


If you want to spend a little more than we suggest looking at the AL-3000 models with a few more bells and whistles or better yet the AL-3200.

More info about the Agile AL Guitar Models.


Agile 7 String Guitars

Agile 7 String Guitars for Sale

Agile 7 String Guitars for Sale

If you are looking for a new 7 string guitar that will be easier on your wallet but you still want a guitar that shreds than the Agile lineup has got something for you.

Agile 7 string guitars usually can be found, depending on the model, for anywhere between $300 to $700.

As with the Agile AL models in many cases similarily constructed guitars would cost 2 to 3X as much.

These are some outstanding 7 strings guitars and we have seen lots of guys online gigging with them on a regular basis.

Most of the Agile 7 string guitars are made of a solid mahogany body, neck through body design, havecepheus pickups, grover tuners and an adjustable truss rod.

There are tons of Agile 7 string models and finishes to choose from.

Check out more of them HERE.


Agile 8 String Guitars

Agile 8 String Guitars for Sale

Agile 8 String Guitars for Sale

So when 7 strings are not enough than take a look at the Agile 8 string guitars.

Again the 8 string guitars share many of the same features and construction materials as the Agile 7 string guitars.

These guitars, depending on the model, are offered anywhere from $400 to $800.  They do have a few models that are above that in price but nothing that will really set you back more than a grand.

To those that are not up on the pricing of guitars these days that might still sound expensive.  However, when compared to other guitars that have similar features and construction materials they really are great deals!

Check out more info about Agile 8 string guitars HERE.

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